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June 2016
Special Advertising Section
Pastures &
Flexible Horse Fence, Veterinarian Approved Protection
Safe and reliable contain-
ment is essential to all horse
owners. Many veterinarians
choose Centaur flexible fence to
protect the horses that they love.
Veterinarians recognize how
Centaur®, The Horse Friendly
Fence®, helps prevent both
minor and serious injuries often
caused by traditional fencing.
Splinters and cracked boards
can be costly or even deadly to
horses. Centaur’s flexible fence
technology cradles horses when
rubbing or leaning and provides
much needed cushion to protect
against impact.
Sadly, paddock accidents
do happen. Dr. Sherry Blenden
DVM of Baker, WV lost her
beloved “Chester” to a deadly
collision with a three board
oak fence. When Dr. Blen-
den needed to invest in new
fencing for her property…
knew board fence was never an
option. I needed something that
would keep my horses safe and
let me once again enjoy seeing
those beautiful flights across
the field. I chose Centaur. I can
feel safe as my partner leaps
and careens down the steep
and muddy hill, if he can’t stop,
Centaur will protect him.”
– Dr. Sherry Blenden DVM;
Baker, WV
The strength of Centaur®
flexible fence also helps guard
against fallen trees and roadside
damage. With up to 4,000 pounds
of break strength per rail, Centaur
helps safeguard your horse from
the hazards of a breached perim-
When choosing a fence for
your property, it is imperative
to keep safety and maintenance
costs in mind. Centaur® fence
does not splinter, rust, rot or
crack providing decades of secure
containment with minimal main-
tenance. Centaur® flexible fence
comes with a 30 Year limited
warranty and is proudly manufac-
tured in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.
Call 1-800-368-7635 to speak
with one of our fencing special-
ists for free project planning
To read Chester’s full story,
visit our testimonial page at
SMS Builders specializes
in equestrian facilities, horse
barns, field run-ins, equipment
sheds, indoor arenas, and more.
Their dedicated group of highly
skilled Lancaster County crafts-
men builds innovative eques-
trian estates encompassing the
latest styles and best materials.
They help horse owners build
their dream facilities as well
as keep pastures safe with the
necessary protection of run-in
SMS Builders opened in
1994 and quickly established
Innovation, Safety, and Design with SMS Builders
itself as one of the premier
Lancaster County barn builders.
Their reputation is built on an
honest and genuine commitment
to providing the best quality
craftsmanship. They’re not just
builders – they’re “horse people!”
They use their knowledge of
horses to create safe, functional
structures that meet all the own-
ers’ needs and wants, accommo-
dating budgets while providing
excellent value.
Their customers rave about
their work. “We were very
pleased with the efficiency they
got back to us whenever we had
questions. It has been a pleasure
to work with this company,”
said one. “We recommend SMS
Builders extremely highly and
would be pleased to discuss our
experience with any prospec-
tive client. After all, not only
did SMS understand and share
our dream, they transformed
that dream into reality,” wrote
To get started on your dream
facility, phone SMS Builders at
(717) 354-8755 or visit www.
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