June 2016 Issue - page 11

June 2016
Page 11
Intrepid International has
long been known for supplying
“Everything but the Horse” and
continues in its quest to supply
exceptional products that are safe
and beneficial to both horses and
their riders.
While the lush, nutri-
ent-rich grass of early summer
may be a delight for most
horses, it can become a night-
mare for owners worrying about
laminitis, Cushing’s disease,
weight control, and all oth-
er problems associated with
sumptuous pastures. A simple
grazing muzzle reduces the risk
of excess pasture consumption
by easy-keepers and the lami-
nitis-prone while still allowing
the horse to benefit from normal
Intrepid International’s Best
Friend grazing muzzles offer
a safe and simple solution to
maintaining your horse's ideal
weight without depriving them
of grazing time and social-
Prevent Laminitis with
a Grazing Muzzle from
Intrepid International
ization. The grazing muzzle
is available in two styles:
standard, which is a webbed
muzzle attachment that fits
onto the horse’s regular halter;
and deluxe, which is a halter
and grazing muzzle in one. All
styles feature a small opening
at the bottom. This prohibits
the horse’s ability to graze with
wild abandon yet still allows
them to forage and have pasture
time. Horses can still drink
These muzzles are durable
and designed with the horse’s
comfort in mind. Grazing muz-
zles need to be securely fitted to
be effective, but like any head
piece, if it is too tight it may rub.
With several models and a multi-
tude of sizes, ranging from mini
to draft, nearly any horse can be
perfectly fitted.
More information about
Intrepid International products is
or call
Picky about hay? Trust
Rohrer Seeds, a fourth-gener-
ation family business that has
been providing quality seeds at
a fair price since 1919. They
value the relationships they build
with their customers and take
the time to understand every
individual need.
Everyone needs the “Right
Forages for a Perfect Pasture”
and that’s why Rohrer Seeds
offers seven different Pasture
Perfect® mixes. Each Pasture
Perfect® mixture includes at
least seventy percent improved
forage varieties. Improved
varieties are those that have
been proven to exceed common
varieties for species classifica-
tion in the areas of palatability,
feed value, digestibility, yield,
and grazing. Each mix is spe-
cifically formulated to meet the
grazing or hay needs of a wide
range of animals and condi-
tions. Additionally, customers
may purchase any improved
forage varieties for individual
sale or use them to create a
custom mix. Their sales staff
is equipped with the knowledge
Relax with Rohrer Seeds
and the willingness to take the
time to determine what will
work best for each customer.
Rohrer Seeds doesn’t just sell
products—they care about the
success of customers with those
Pasture Perfect® is just one
of four seed brands that Rohrer
Seeds offers. Turf Perfect is
a line of improved grasses for
lawns for the homeowner and
commercial landscaper. For
hunting enthusiasts, the Wild-
life Perfect brand offers some
great mixes for food plots.
Their Rohrer Seeds brand of
quality vegetable and flower
seeds are popular with both
the backyard gardener and the
larger grower.
A popular tourist spot, many
customers travel to the one-of-
a-kind seed store located in the
heart of Lancaster County, PA.
They ship seeds throughout the
United States but mainly focus
on Pennsylvania, New York, New
Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and
Virginia. For more information,
call (717) 299-2571 or visit www.
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