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June 2015
Four of the top ten revenue
producing events in the greater
Harrisburg, PA area are eques-
trian events held at the Pennsyl-
vania Farm Show Complex and
Expo Center, a report from the
Hershey Harrisburg Regional
Visitors Bureau said in May.
The report ranks events by
general attendance, the econom-
ic impact of direct and indirect
spending by vendors and attend-
ees, and the number of jobs each
event supports. It also projects
the federal, state and local taxes
for that particular event.
The four equestrian events –
Pennsylvania Horse World Expo,
the Pennsylvania National Horse
Show, the Pennsylvania State 4-H
Show and the Black Book Stan-
dardbred Sale -- together had an
economic impact of $28.7 million
in the greater Harrisburg area, the
report said. They drew 42,300 at-
tendees and supported 7,384 jobs.
Pennsylvania Horse World
Expo, which had its 13th run
March 3-8, 2015, had an estimated
attendance of 20,000, including 300
exhibitors, an economic impact of
$5.2 million, and supported 1,017
jobs. The Pennsylvania National
Horse Show, which will hold its
75th show October 8-19, 2015, has
an estimated attendance of 15,000,
including 4,400 participants, and
supports 2,083 jobs. The report es-
timated economic impact of $13.7
million, while noting that the show
organizers estimate the economic
impact at $38.9 million based on
an Equine Industry standard that
calculates these shows produce a
higher level of spending based on
the demographics of attendees.
The Pennsylvania State 4-H
Horse show, which will be held
October 23-25, 2015, has an
estimated attendance of 2,300,
supports 468 jobs, and has an
estimated economic impact of $1
million according to the report.
The Standardbred Horse Sale,
which will be held November 2-7,
has an estimated attendance of
5,000, an economic impact of $8.8
million and supports 1,984 jobs.
While not exclusively equine,
the Pennsylvania Farm Show and
Keystone International Livestock
Exposition both have strong equine
components. The Farm Show,
which had its 99th run January
9-16, 2015, drew 600,000 attendees
including 300 vendors, an estimated
economic impact of $95 million,
and supported 18,032 jobs. The
Keystone International Livestock
Exposition, which will be held
September 26-October 4, 2015, has
an estimated attendance of 18,000,
supports 1,408 jobs and an estimat-
ed economic impact of $8.9 million.
The Pennsylvania Farm Show,
claimed the top ranking in both the
Attendance and Economic Impact
categories, followed by the Great
American Outdoor Show. Events
that appeared within the Top 10
ranks in both categories included
the PAChristmas & Gift Show;
Pennsylvania Horse World Expo;
MecumAuto Auctions; FIRE
EXPO; Keystone International
Livestock Expo; and the Pennsyl-
vania National Horse Show.
The entire report is at visit
Equine Events
Bring $Millions to
Harrisburg Area
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