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July 2014
Ireland's Paul O'Shea and
Primo de Revel jumped to victory
in the $100,000 Grand Prix of
Devon Thursday, May 29. In his
first time competing at the Devon
Horse Show, which celebrated
its 118th year May 22 to June 1,
O'Shea took the victory gallop
in front of thousands of cheering
spectators in the highlight event
of the week.
Of thirty-one entries, nine
clear rounds advanced to the
jump-off. Four riders—USA's
McLain Ward and Laura Chapot,
and Ireland's Paul O'Shea and
Kevin Babington—qualified two
horses each; five entries had clear
second rounds.
O'Shea set the pace with the
first double clear round aboard
Gotham Enterprizes' River
Dance Semilly in 43.63 seconds,
eventually finishing fifth. Last
year's winners, McLain Ward
and Sagamore Farms' Rothchild,
upped the ante in the next round,
stopping the clock in a blazing
40.79 seconds to place third.
Laura Chapot and Quointreau
Un Prince, who she owns in
partnership with Ward, put in
the fourth place round in 41.95
O'Shea went next with his
second mount, Primo de Revel,
and raced to the winning time of
38.95 seconds. The final clear
jump-off round belonged to Todd
Minikus and the Quality Group's
Quality Girl, who jumped into
second place in 39.63 seconds de-
spite breaking a rein on the third
to last jump.
Primo de Revel, owned by
Michael Hayden, is a 13-year-old
Belgian Warmblood gelding who
O'Shea has had for seven years,
accumulating 11 Grand Prix
victories. This was one of the big-
Paul O'Shea and Primo de Revel Win $100,000 Grand Prix of Devon
gest, and it was a great moment
in the rider's career.
“What can I say? I loved it,”
O'Shea said of his first Devon
experience. “The atmosphere
is obviously very special here.
I originally came to America
through Harry Gill and Sherry
Robertson, so I actually lived 20
minutes from here when I first
came to America. I wasn't at the
show, but I know the area, so it is
nice to be back here again.”
The Grand Prix kicked off
the 2014 Taylor Harris Insurance
Services Triple Crown Challenge.
O'Shea will have the opportunity
to claim a $200,000 rider bonus if
he and Primo de Revel can go on
to win the Grand Prix at both the
Hampton Classic and the Nation-
al Horse Show.
Todd Minikus of Lake
Worth, FL, and Quality Girl
won the $50,000 Idle Dice Open
Jumper Stake over second placed
Lillie Keenan and Pumped Up
Kicks. Minikus was named
reserve champion in the Open
Jumper division
Laura Chapot of Neshan-
ic Station, NJ, guided Mary
Chapot’s Zealous to the division
championship. Chapot was hon-
ored as the Leading Open Jumper
Rider and Leading Lady Rider.
She was presented with The Lit-
tle Big Man Challenge Trophy,
an award which she previously
retired and re-donated to the
show. The Leading Lady Rider
Award was donated this year by
the family and friends of Carol
Hoffman Thompson, with whom
the rider was very close. “It is a
great honor to be the first name
on that trophy. We were great
friends, and she and my parents
were on the Team together,”
Chapot said.
Hunter Champions
A $25,000 USHJA Inter-
national Hunter Derby, held on
Thursday afternoon, was won
by Kelley Farmer of Keswick,
VA, riding Glefke & Kensel
LLC's Mindful. The 10-year-old
Hanoverian gelding was also
presented with the High Perfor-
mance Hunter division champion-
ship. Thirty-three entries showed
over a natural course set by Allen
Rheinheimer of Zionsville, IN.
Hayley Barnhill, aboard Airport
48, finished second.
For the second year in a row,
Farmer was Devon’s Leading
Hunter Rider as well as the
Leading Lady Rider in the High
Performance division. She guided
Glefke & Kensel LLC’s Scripted
to the Devon Grand Hunter Cham-
pionship after taking top honors in
the Green Conformation Hunter
division. She also guided Glefke
& Kensel LLC’s So To Speak
to the First Year Green Hunter
championship and won the High
Performance Working Hunter
championship with Glefke and
Kensel LLC’s Mindful.
Scott Stewart won the other
two divisions, taking the Regular
Conformation Hunter Champion-
ship with Krista and Alexa Weis-
man’s Showman and the Second
Year Green Hunter Championship
with David Gochman’s Mythical.
He dominated Devon’s Leading
Hunter Rider title from 2009-
2012, but Farmer has edged him
out the last two years.
Crowds lined the streets of
Devon as the Carriage Pleasure
Drive made its way through the
neighborhoods surrounding the
show grounds on Sunday. The
double harness pairs tandems team
for Werry Geo IV Phaeton was the
winner of the championship drive-
off with Michelle Werry at the
reins. From Madison, WI, Werry
also won the championship in her
first visit to Devon in 2012.
Coaching Champion was
Tucker Johnson and the Johnson
Brewster Road Coach.
On Friday night, Smith Lilly,
Princeton, WV, won both the Five
Gaited Saddle Horse Stake with
Central Perk for owners Mike and
Amy Stinnett of Woodlea Farms,
and the $5,000 Three-Gaited
Saddle Horse Stake with Woodlea
Farms LLC’s My Hail Mary.
Central Perk qualified for
Friday night’s class by showing
Irish rider Paul O’Shea and Primo de Revel, owned by Michael Hayden, edged out Todd Minikus, Mc-
Lain Ward, Laura Chapot, and 27 others to capture the $100,000 Grand Prix of Devon.
Photo by The Book LLC
by Suzy Lucine
On the first day of competi-
tion at the 118th Annual Devon
Horse Show & Country Fair,
Bryn Taryn Miss Ripley was the
first Pennsylvania-owned entry
to walk into the winner’s circle
of the Dixon Oval. She won the
Yearling Hunter Pony Fillies
class and went on to win the
Reserve Hunter Pony Cham-
pionship. Owned and bred by
Jody Vesty of Bryn Taryn Farm
in Spring City, PA, the filly was
handled by Jay Raach of Rock
Solid Farm in Limerick, PA.
This year’s 11-day event,
held May 22-June 1 in Devon, PA,
attracted almost 2,000 entries and
more than 100,000 visitors. New
this year was the WIHS Shetland
Pony Steeplechase and the appear-
ance of Australian horseman and
bush poet, Guy McLean. Carriage
Racing returned as an exhibition
in the Dixon Oval, and both were
won by the Morgan gelding,
Heyday Vermont Spirit, owned by
Dwayne Pash.
Carriage Pleasure Driving
On Sunday afternoon, John
Frazier Hunt of Spring City, PA,
Local Riders Shine at Devon
won the Carriage Pleasure Driv-
ing Marathon Championship and
the new Best Amateur Driver tro-
phy. This trophy was donated in
honor of the late Susie Buchanan,
a well-known area horsewoman
who died last year.
Suzy Stafford of Stafford
Carriage Driving in Chester
County, PA, won the Pony Uni-
corns and Four-In-Hand division
of the Carriage Pleasure Mara-
thon driving a four of miniature
horses owned by Anne Carlino.
Lisa Koehler’s pony, driven
by Nicole Cable of Telford, PA,
won the Single Pony Two-Wheel
Vehicle division of the Carriage
Pleasure Driving Marathon.
They also won the Single/Pair
Pony Pleasure Turnout class, and
finished as the show’s Single/Pair
Pony Champions.
Mrs. Colin McNeil’s pony
won the Single/Pair Pony Scurry
class. The pony was driven by
Rebeka Robinson.
On Tuesday night, Bet-
sy Demarino, VMD, of West
Chester, PA, won the Single
Horse Driving Championship.
Earlier that evening, she drove
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