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by Marcella Peyre-Ferry
The Devon Horse Show
brings out the best of the best,
especially in the Open Jumper Di-
vision. It also is a great stage for
new talent moving into the profes-
sional ranks like Kaitlin Campbell
of Upper Black Eddy, PA.
Campbell, 21, and her horse
Rocky Wwowed the crowds at
Devon by winning the $50,000 Idle
Dice Stakes class and the Reserve
Open Jumper championship behind
Rothschild, ridden by Devon pe-
rennial winner McLain Ward.
“I did the jumper class on
Wednesday and he was very tenta-
tive, he’d had a month or so off and
he was a little fresh. He finished
fourth in that class,” she said.
Campbell was back on Thurs-
day night for the $100,000 Wells
Fargo Grand Prix of Devon but did
not place. “It’s always intimidating
under the lights and everything,
and he had a few rails down,” she
said. The high point of her week at
Devon was still to come, choosing
classes carefully to suit the horse
best. “We were going to do the
Gambler’s Choice class, but my
trainer decided on the (Idle Dice
Stake) class instead.”
Campbell trains with Rachel
Kennedy of ESP Farm in Mary-
land, and was set to show another
jumper as well, but the horse had
to undergo colic surgery just a
week before Devon
“It was a nice track all week,”
Campbell said about her Devon
experience. “The time allowed was
tight all week. My horse is very fast
so I very rarely have time faults. If I
do they are always my fault. Devon
is really fun because I get to see all
the people I grew up riding with.”
Campbell is close to her
horse Rocky W. “For about
two years now, I’ve been doing
Amateur Jumpers on him. He
had a good Wellington, he was
in second place in the Lexington,
Virginia Green Show Grand Prix.
Kaitlin Campbell Turns Pro, is Devon’s Reserve Open Jumper Champion
Devon was his first show after
that,” she said about her horse.
Injured While Leased
Things have not all been
smooth for the 15-year-old Rocky
W. “We bought him at the end of
his eight-year-old year to be my
junior jumper. I hadn’t even been
doing the high jumpers at that
point. We bought him as a high
junior jumper,” Campbell recalled.
“He was champion at Devon in
the Junior Jumpers, and won the
Senators Cup Junior Jumper at
Washington, then we leased him
out to California. He went out to
California and he got hurt there. He
had a torn suspensory behind and a
hole in the suspensory up front.”
Even with stem cell surgery,
there was a good chance that her
horse might not be able to regain
his jumping ability, but fortu-
nately he has recovered, and even
improved. “Now he’s better and
he’s just been getting better and
better,” Campbell said.
Riding and jumping are the
center of Campbell’s life and her
new career as a professional rider.
“I’ve been riding since I was six
years old. I did independent study
for high school so I was like a pro-
fessional all through high school.
That’s what I spent my entire
time doing,” she said. “My family
always encouraged education so I
went to college and even through
college I spent most of my time
balancing it with riding. That I can
get a job in this right away and
pay off my student loans is great.”
Moving to Kentucky
Campbell has just gradu-
ated fromAmerican University in
Washington, D.C. where she ma-
jored in Business Administration.
Now she is moving to Kentucky
to pursue her riding career but she
plans to be back near home as she
travels with the jumper circuit.
After Devon, Campbell was
off to Upperville, VA. “Rocky
won the Upperville Grand Prix
in 2011, that was one of our first
big wins, so I know he likes the
ring,” she said.
When looking for a horse, a
positive personality is something
that Campbell sees as a priority.
“They have to want to win,” she
As for Campbell, she also has
a will to win. She does not see an
Olympic team spot in her immedi-
ate future, but she is still looking for
wins. “I don’t have a horse that can
do that (Olympic level jumping)
but it’s just nice to be competing
against people who have gone to
the Olympics,” she said. “Jumping
has always been my passion.”
Jumping has always been Kaitlin Campbell’s passion. The 21 year old recent college graduate is
turning pro after winning the Idle Dice Stakes on her Rocky W, who was named Devon’s Reserve
Open Jumper champion behind perennial winner McLain Ward’s Rothschild.
Photo credit:
©Kenneth Kraus/PhelpsSports.com
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