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July 2017
The American Horse Council
Foundation’s survey link for the
National Economic Impact Study
will be available until August 1st.
The 2017 Economic Impact
Study will contain expanded
demographics with youth partic-
ipation and additional segments
of the industry, including Equine
Assisted Activities and Therapies,
Equine Sanctuaries and Rescues,
Equine Academic Programs,
and Equine Youth Organiza-
tions. Representatives of these
institutions and organizations,
along with Equine Competition
Organizers, will be receiving tar-
geted and individualized surveys.
The main survey is designed to
capture the impact of individual
horse owners (whether commer-
cial or recreational) and industry
suppliers of equine-related goods
and services. A separate data
request is being sent directly to
Racetracks, OTBs, and Advanced
Deposit Wagering businesses.
The surveys were designed
by the Innovation Group and a
supporting team of equine indus-
try experts. They were further
vetted by key industry stakehold-
ers as well as a Steering Commit-
tee composed of AHC staff and
five outside experts. A break out
of Pennsylvania data is planned.
The 2005 Economic Impact
Study established that the horse
industry in all its segments,
including racing, showing, and
recreation, had a $39 billion ef-
fect on the US economy, involved
more than 4 million Americans
and 9.2 million horses, and sup-
ported 1.4 million full-time jobs.
The study provided invaluable
demographic data and insights
into professions and other
industries that are impacted by
equine ownership, and proved
to be extremely helpful to the
industry’s efforts in documenting
its size, diversity and economic
importance to public officials, the
press, and other media.
If you are a member of an
equine association, please be on
the lookout for an email con-
taining the link to the take the
National Survey. If you are not
a member of an equine asso-
ciation, or did not receive the
survey link after June 15th and
would like to participate, please
email economicimpactstudy@
horsecouncil.org to receive the
link. Please note, all personal in-
formation collected in the survey
will be confidential and will not
be distributed.
For questions, email the AHC
Participate in the
AHC Economic
Impact Study
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