July 2016 Issue - page 9

July 2016
Page 9
The Pennsylvania SPCA
is among fifteen organizations
throughout the country selected
to receive an ASPCA Equine
Facilities Matching Grant to help
fund its equine expansion project.
Through August, the PSPCA will
solicit donations to the Funding
our Fillies campaign, which
will be matched by the ASPCA
when donations reach $10,000.
All funds raised will go toward
improving and expanding the
PSPCA’s facility in Danville,
Montour County, where rescued
horses are rehabilitated and
housed until the time of adoption.
Over the last five years, the
PSPCA has rescued more than
100 horses in 15 counties through
its Humane Law Enforcement
department. The horses often
arrive in critical condition,
severely emaciated, and suffering
from medical issues that require
a significant amount of care to
rehabilitate them and regain their
health. The majority of these
horses remain in the care and
custody of the PSPCA for months
to years until they are healthy
and happy enough to find their
forever homes.
The Funding our Fillies
campaign holds special signifi-
cance, bringing the PSPCA back
to its roots; the organization was
founded nearly 150 years ago to
protect horses.
With the help of the ASPCA
grant, and when the goal is
reached, the $20,000 will be
used to begin construction to
replace dilapidated fencing and
add a pasture and a two stall
run-in, increasing the orga-
nization’s capacity to rescue
additional horses. The construc-
tion is just the first step in the
comprehensive 5-phase project
to ultimately double the PSPCA’s
capacity to rescue horses.
In 1867, Philadelphia busi-
nessman Colonel M. Richards
Mucklé witnessed cruelty toward
trolley and cart horses, and formed
the PSPCA to ensure their humane
treatment. Today, the PSPCA
promotes the health and welfare
of all animals, and remains deeply
committed to helping horses
throughout the state.
In order to provide the best
care and quality of life possi-
ble for the horses rescued, the
PSPCA is working to make
improvements to the equine
program and facilities.
“We are calling on the help
of our supporters throughout
Pennsylvania to help us reach our
goal of raising $10,000, ulti-
mately increasing our life-saving
capacity for horses,” said Jerry
Buckley, PSPCA CEO. “This
is an important initiative be-
cause the public’s donations will
literally be doubled through the
help of the ASPCA, helping us to
achieve our goal more quickly,
and fast-tracking our horse rescue
To make a gift, visit http://
or call Ross DiBartolo at (267)
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Matching Grant
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