January 2017 Issue - page 6

Page 6
January 2017
The Unwanted Horse Coali-
tion has released a new resource
to inspire horse-related groups
and organizations to become
involved in the effort to help or
prevent unwanted horses.
Join the Effort: Programs
to Help Unwanted Horses
16 specific strategies for groups
of any size to help unwanted
horses. Examples include hosting
charity horse shows, donating ad
space, volunteering for non-profit
re-training or re-homing facil-
ities, or developing a tracking
database. The publication also
features the work of seven UHC
member organizations and offers
general fundraising tips and
“We invite organizations that
have developed similar initiatives
to contact us, so we can include
their work in the publication,”
says UHC Director, Jennifer
Purcell. “The more ideas and
examples we can share, the more
likely an organization can find a
model that fits best within their
structure and resources.”
The .pdf version, located
on the UHC website, will be
updated twice each year, but new
programs will be added to the
website on a bi-weekly basis.
Julie Broadway, President
of the American Horse Council
Foundation, states, “If every
horse-related organization imple-
mented one or two of these ideas,
we would, as an industry, make
significant strides toward further
reducing the number of unwanted
horses nationwide.”
As a first step, the UHC
encourages all breed registration
and discipline-based association,
youth clubs, and other horse-re-
lated organizations to include
information about responsible
ownership on their websites.
To learn more about how the
UHC can help your organiza-
tion help unwanted horses, visit
org, or contact Jennifer Purcell
New Online Resource Helps
Groups Help Unwanted Horses
Top Rail Tack, specializing
in tack, clothing and supplies for
the event rider, opened recently
at 2095 Gap Newport Pike in Co-
chranville, Chester County, PA.
The business began in 2012
as a mobile tack shop. Owner Joe
Adams, who grew up ranching in
Red Bluff, CA, came to the east
coast in 2009 to work as the mo-
bile retail manager for Bit of Brit-
ain. Since then he has traveled the
eventing circuit in the eastern US,
working with riders from novice
to the Olympic level. Over time
he has developed relationships
with premium product vendors
to bring his customers those top
quality products. Top Rail Tack
provides quality tack and equip-
ment for the horse and rider at
cost effective prices, along with
products for grooming and show
turnout preparation.
While Joe is in Florida
with the mobile unit for the
four-month winter season, his
storefront will remain open in
Cochranville. Hours are 10 am to
4 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thurs-
day and Friday, 10 am to 8 pm
Wednesday and Saturday. The
store is closed Sunday.
For more information visit
toprailtack.com or phone (610)
Tack Shop Opens
in Cochranville, PA
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