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January 2016
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Did you know?
Horses are a $10 billion industry in Pennsylvania.
Colorado Ranger Horse Association
Calls Pennsylvania Home
By Marcella Peyre-Ferry
Despite the breed’s name,
Colorado Ranger Horses have
fans throughout the country
and internationally. One of the
biggest concentrations of Colo-
rado Ranger Horses, also called
Rangerbreds, is in the state of
Pennsylvania which is the home
of the breed registry and in recent
years, the site of the breed’s
annual Championship Show, in
“The registry was original-
ly established in Colorado, but
over time people changed and
moved. The home office followed
basically where the secretary is.
That’s how it ended up in Wam-
pum, Pennsylvania,” explained
Monica Daddato.
Daddato, of Hermitage, Pa.,
is the owner of Colorado Ranger
stallion Sunny’s Mighty Bar. She
is sold on the breed for their tem-
perament and versatility. “Most
people don’t even know he’s
a stallion when I take him to a
show. He’s a gentleman and I’ve
seen so many Rangerbred stal-
lions that are that way,” she said.
“They’re ‘using’ horses, they can
do anything. I show him hunt
seat, western, I’ve team penned
on him, I’ve done obstacle chal-
lenges with him, I’ve trail ridden
with him. I don’t think there’s
anything a Rangerbred can’t do.”
Toni Lukavich of North
Washington, Pa., is the president
of the Colorado Ranger Horse
Association, Inc. She is a big fan
of the breed, and has seen how
people who interact with the
breed can quickly come to love
them. “I honestly believe, once
they’ve had them, they realize
they are very easy to work with…
and their history is really awe-
some,” she said.
The Colorado Ranger is a
bloodline based breed. All regis-
tered horses must be able to show
direct descent from one of the
two foundation stallions. Max #2,
and/or Patches #1.
Gift to Grant
According to the breed Web
site, the two foundation stallions
were descended from two desert
stallions that were given to Ulyss-
es S. Grant, during a world tour
taken in 1878, as a token of deep
friendship by Sultan Abdul Ha-
mid of Turkey. The Arabian was
named Leopard, and the Barb
was named Linden Tree. The
two spent 14 years in Virginia
perfecting a breed of light harness
horses before the advent of cars
caused the complete dispersal of
the farm’s stock.
In 1894, General L.W. Col-
by, an old retired Army friend of
General Grant, who had extensive
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One of the country’s largest concentrations of Colorado Ranger Horses is
in Pennsylvania, home to both its breed association and its championship
show. Here Monica Daddato competes her stallion, Sunny’s Mighty Bar.
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