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January 2016
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Newlin Township Supervisors Respond
environmentally sensitive natural
resources. The Board sought input
from its Planning Commission, five
Newlin residents, who unanimously
recommended that the Ordinance
be adopted. Contrary to exagger-
ated estimates that the Board spent
$100,000 in legal fees to adopt the
Ordinance, the Township incurred
approximately $25,000 over the
course of eighteen months.
Newlin’s Ordinance is similar
and even less restrictive than many
other municipal zoning ordinanc-
es in Chester County that seek
to regulate commercial equine
operations. The Ordinance does
not restrict a normal agricultural
operation as defined in the Right
to FarmAct, but instead imposes
reasonable and achievable regula-
tions on the boarding of horses that
are aimed at the protection of the
public health, safety and welfare.
After the Ordinance was
adopted, eight applications have
been filed with the Zoning Hear-
ing Board and all eight applicants
have been granted the necessary
zoning permit to allow the oper-
ation to continue in compliance
with the Ordinance.
The Township’s Solicitor
has scheduled a meeting with the
Attorney General for early January
where the Board hopes to articu-
late its legal interpretation of the
relevant state and federal laws cited
in the Attorney General’s letter and
discuss an acceptable resolution to
avoid future legal challenge.
Newlin Township Board of
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