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January 2016
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“Why Do They Do That?
Behavior and Training of Hors-
es” is the theme of the upcoming
Horse Management Seminar
hosted by the Rutgers Equine
Science Center and Rutgers
Cooperative Extension in New
Brunswick, NJ. The seminar,
scheduled from 8 am–4 pm on
Sunday, February 14, will feature
presentations by several equine
industry experts.
“Horse training is an of-
ten-requested but tricky theme
for this seminar because there
are so many methods out there,
so we will instead explain
how horses learn and how
that knowledge can be applied
to training,” says Dr. Carey
Williams, Extension Equine
Specialist and Associate Direc-
tor of Extension for the Equine
Science Center. “Our goal in
presenting this workshop is to
give our audience an under-
standing of the concepts behind
equine learning which are
present regardless of discipline
or training method and provide
some of the research techniques
that can be applied.”
The morning will start with
topics including “Normal/Natu-
ral Behavior of Horses” by Dr.
Carissa Wickens from University
of Florida, “Using Learning The-
ory to Train Horses” by Angelo
Rutgers Offers Seminar
on Equine Learning
Telatin from Delaware Valley
University, and “Psychological
Stress and Welfare of Horses” by
Dr. Betsy Greene from University
of Vermont.
The afternoon will contin-
ue the behavior theme, includ-
ing “Problem Solving Using
Learning Theory” by Angelo
Telatin, “Stereotypic Behav-
iors: Understanding Cribbing,
Weaving, and Other Behaviors”
by Dr. Carissa Wickens, and
“How Nutrition Can Affect Be-
havior” by Dr. Carey Williams.
The day will conclude with
question and answer opportu-
In addition, the seminar will
feature informational displays,
networking opportunities and
door prizes from industry compa-
nies and area organizations, along
with ample time for one-on-one
discussions with the day’s pre-
Complete program, regis-
tration information, and semi-
nar brochure are posted on the
Equine Science Center website
at esc.rutgers.edu. For more
information, contact Laura Ken-
ny at 848-932-3229, kenny@
aesop.rutgers.edu, or Dr. Carey
Williams at 848-932-5529,
Early bird discount registration
ends January 29.
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