January 2015 Issue - page 7

January 2015
Page 7
“Grazing Rewards and
Concerns: How and Why to Care
for Your Pastures” is the theme of
an upcoming Horse Management
Seminar hosted by the Rutgers
Equine Science Center and Rutgers
Cooperative Extension. The sem-
inar, scheduled from 8 am – 3:30
pm on Sunday, February 8, will
feature presentations by several
equine industry experts.
Dr. Carey Williams, Exten-
sion Equine Specialist andAs-
sociate Director of Extension for
the Equine Science Center, has
assembled expert pasture manage-
ment and grazing presenters to offer
perspectives and personal insight.
The morning will start with topics
including “Nutritional Benefits of
Pasture and When Pasture Is Not
Enough” by Dr. Steve Duren from
Performance Horse Nutrition; “Pas-
ture Problems: Safe Grazing Tips
for Managing Equine Metabolic
Syndrome” by Dr. Bridgett McIn-
tosh fromVirginia Tech; “Equine
Grazing Behavior” by Dr. Amy
Burk from University of Maryland;
and “Rotational and Continuous
Grazing: New Research You Can
Use” by a team of researchers from
across the East Coast.
The afternoon will consist of
presentations about pasture man-
agement, including “The Fences
Are Up – NowWhat Do I Do? Ba-
sic Pasture Management” by Bill
Bamka from Rutgers Cooperative
Extension of Burlington County;
“Got Weeds? Understanding and
Managing Weeds in Your Pastures”
by Donna Foulk from Penn State
University; and “Danger in the
Grass – Plants that Are Toxic to
Horses”, also by Donna Foulk.
In addition to the educational
presentations, the seminar will
feature informational displays, net-
working opportunities with industry
companies and area organizations,
and ample time for one-on-one dis-
cussions with the day’s presenters.
Discount early bird registra-
tion ends January 23. Complete
information is at esc.rutgers.edu.
Or contact Laura Kenny at 848-
edu, or Dr. Carey Williams at
848-932-5529, cwilliams@aesop.
Rutgers Equine
Science Center
Grazing Seminar
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