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February 2018
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Equine Affaire, held April
12-15 at the Ohio Expo Center in
Columbus, OH, will again offer
horse owners the opportunity to
ride in dozens of clinics in a wide
range of equestrian disciplines.
Through Equine Affaire’s unique
“Ride With A Pro” clinic program
you can ride, drive, and have your
horse trained in clinics conducted
by many of the nation’s foremost
coaches, competitors, judges, and
horse trainers—for clinic fees
designed to fit your budget.
Most of Equine Affaire’s
featured clinicians will participate
in the Ride With a Pro program.
Among them are general horse
training and horsemanship
clinicians Ken McNabb, War-
wick Schiller, James Cooler, Dan
James, and Van Hargis. Clinicians
offering sessions in the English
disciplines will include Jan Ebel-
ing and Stephen Hayes (dressage),
Lynn Symansky (eventing), Jeff
Cook (hunter/jumper), Bob Giles
(driving), Keith Miller (hunter
under saddle) and Liz Bentley
(English and hunter pleasure).
Ride with a Pro at Equine Affaire
Those conducting clinics on
western disciplines will include
Stacy Westfall (reining), Nancy
Cahill (western horsemanship and
trail). Larry Whitesell will present
sessions on gaited horses, Sandy
Croote will teach techniques for
training Miniature horses, and Ty
Evans will conduct sessions on
training and riding mules.
“Ride With A Pro” fees range
from $70 to $150 and cover clinic
participation, stabling, and admis-
sion to Equine Affaire. Clinicians
will select the participants for their
sessions from written applications
and videos submitted by appli-
cants to Equine Affaire. While
some are seeking riders and horses
with specific skills or problems to
demonstrate and resolve during
their clinics, others are seeking
any riders interested in improving
their general horsemanship and
relationships with their horses.
Full clinic details and applica-
tion are available at equineaffaire.
com. Click on the Ohio event and
follow the “Participate” link to
information on the “Ride With A
Pro” program. Or request an infor-
mation packet and clinic applica-
tion by emailing bvolpe@equin-
eaffaire.com or by calling (740)
845-0085 ext. 103. The application
deadline is February 20.
Sally Lehnhardt, Cockeys-
ville, MD, has joined the Horses
and Humans Research Foundation
(HHRF) board of directors. Lehn-
hardt, a VP at McCormick & Co.,
Inc. and a lifelong horse enthusiast,
is a firm believer in the benefits
from interaction between horses
and humans on multiple levels and
has commented that “I do not be-
lieve I would be an executive today
if I had not been a horse person.
The interaction gave me confidence
I would not have had otherwise.”
Lehnhardt is VP of IT Deliv-
ery - responsible for IT investment
governance processes and driving
technological thought leadership
capabilities. She also is accountable
for global business partnership,
solution development, application
project delivery and operations in
support of business strategies and
an ambitious growth agenda.
Her skills in business and
strategy development will be
a great asset to HHRF as they
grow their research investment
to support the future of equine
assisted activities and therapies.
The board has set a priority to
increase its research grants while
honing the research focus to best
advance the field and centers.
Through sustained invest-
ment in rigorous research, HHRF
serves as a catalyst to advance
global knowledge of horse-hu-
man interactions and their impact
on health and wellness.
Horses and Humans Research
Foundation funds research to
investigate the equine-assisted ac-
tivities and therapies field. Since its
founding, HHRF has awarded over
$460,000 in professional research
efforts led by twelve research
teams in the United States, Canada
and Germany. HHRF is a non-en-
dowed foundation dependent solely
on donations. To learn more visit
Lehnhardt Joins Board
of Horses and Humans
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