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February 2017
Special Advertising Section
Imagine the Possibilities with
White Horse Construction
As you drive through the
countryside, you will notice many
different types of barns. Have
you ever stopped to imagine all
of the possibilities that a barn can
be? What their protective walls
Barns are the shelters of
horses, the holders of hobbies
and workshops, and functional
units for storage. A clean and
user-friendly barn can become
a place of sanctuary from the
daily stressors in our fast-paced
lives...a place where we can
tend newborn puppies, colts,
and calves and watch them grow
into their adult lives. A place
where our children can learn
the value of honest work while
also soaking up the precious
moments of a sunset with loved
ones. A barn is truly a place
where memories are made and
dreams are realized, especially
to those who were married in
the aisles. Most of all, however,
your barn should add value to
your estate or farmstead while
protecting your investments
from the elements.
With our innovative designs,
your personal ideas, and today's
wide variety of building materi-
als, the possibilities for a barn's
construction and purpose are
Here at White Horse Con-
struction, Inc., we have come to
understand that part of success
is continuing to develop the
next generation. Whether it is
a small run-in shed or a larger
timber-frame barn, garage, indoor
arena, or renovation project, let
us put our experience to work
for you as you plan to build or
renovate your barn.
Check out our website at
com to see our gallery of com-
pleted projects. You can also call
the office at (610) 593-5559 to
schedule a meeting. We would
be glad to share more ideas and
King Construction has devel-
oped a niche for high end eques-
trian facilities and cutting edge
design. Be prepared to salivate as
you check out photos of their recent
projects in, among others, Colts
Neck and Bedminster, NJ, Upper-
ville, VA, and Stamford, CT on
their web site,
King Construction custom
builds to their customers’ needs
with their individuality always top
of mind. To do so, they offer full
State of the Art Equestrian Facility? Call King Construction
engineering and design services.
With thirty years in the equestri-
an design/build business, King
Construction provides certified
drawings for the state and munici-
pality in which customers reside...
drawings to submit for building
permit purposes. “We will do code
research and custom design your
building...reflecting your budget
and taste,” says Sales Represen-
tative Dan Nissley, who has been
with King Construction since 1985.
In-house design expert
Brian Houck can produce both
construction drawings and
three-dimensional drawings.
Whether you plan to build a
professional training facility
or a private one, King Con-
struction’s design specialists
can assist you in making your
dream come true.
King Construction also
offers upscale amenities such
as EuroKing Stalls, stall fronts
composed of gleaming hardwood
with brass-like finials.
“We recognize that having
satisfied customers is critical to
our success as a company and are
committed to that end,” Nissley
said. “We have met the challenge
of designing state-of-the-art eques-
trian operations. We recognize that
owning one of these structures
requires no small investment of an
individual’s resources, that is why
we strive to provide our customers
with practical, efficient and com-
petitively priced buildings.
“Your confidence in us is
considered a sacred trust that
we cannot betray. Our motto
remains: “Quality Backed by a
Commitment to Excellence!”
King Construction is located
in New Holland, PA and con-
tinues to serve PA, NJ, NY, CT,
MD, VA and WV. For more infor-
mation visit
or phone (717) 354-4740.
Olympian Boyd Martin
rides at some of the best venues
the world over. But when he
returns home to Cochranville,
PA, he rides on what he consid-
ers the best footing in the world:
Attwood Equestrian Surfaces’
Pinnacle. “We've been training
on it for a couple of years and
we know it's the best footing out
there,” said Boyd. “It’s like riding
on a cloud.”
Pinnacle and Terra Nova are
two of Attwood’s polymer coated
all-weather, dust-free surfaces
Attwood Provides Superior Surfaces for the Equine Athlete
that never require watering. Both
are premium footings offering
reduced concussion with visco-
elastic rebound*. Established by
chemist Nick Attwood, the com-
pany has been in the forefront of
synthetic footing development
since 1991.
Attwood’s footing is found in
some of the top equestrian venues
in the country, including Stable
View of Aiken, SC, Yellow Bird
Farm in Wellington, FL, Morven
Park in Leesburg, VA, The Oaks
of Lake City FL, the Chesapeake
Dressage Institute in Annapolis
MD, Morningside Training Farm
in The Plains, VA and Canadian
Olympian Peter Barry’s arena in
Aiken, SC.
Attwood Equestrian Surfac-
es’ coated sands use a patented
formulation combining meticu-
lously selected sand with micro-
fibers and visco-elastic polymer.
This heat process coats each
granule, eliminating the break-
down of the sand, which creates
dust. The micro poly-fibers create
a three network trapping air be-
tween the sand granules, reducing
the concussion factor and increas-
ing vertical and lateral support.
Both give cloud-like cushion with
superb foundation underneath and
increased traction.
Attwood also offers GGT,
a German Geo textile Felt/Fiber
product blended with specific
sand, which enhances stability,
provides resistance to compac-
tion and maximizes moisture
retention. GGT blends minimize
dust, providing excellent riding
Attwood works closely with
clients from the planning stages
through the finished arena. For
more information, visit www.
equestriansurfaces.com or phone
* FEI Equine Surfaces White
Did you know?
According to a 2012 US Department of
Agriculture census, Pennsylvania is home to
twice the number of horses in Delaware,
Maryland and New Jersey combined.
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