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February 2017
Page 11
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Benefits of Using Hardie-
Plank Siding for Your Barn
When building a barn, wood
is an obvious material choice.
While wood is a popular con-
sideration for its classic charac-
teristics, Hardie-Plank Siding
is emerging as a rising trend
within the construction industry,
primarily for its reputation as a
low-maintenance, long-lasting
material offering the beauty of
natural wood. In fact, the look
is so similar you may see the
product on homes or barns and
mistake the material for actual
Created by James Hardie,
the product is known as cement
board siding, made from a mix-
ture of wood pulp and Portland
cement. Hardie-Plank was first
used in Australia as an exterior
product able to withstand extreme
climates, while still retaining
its beauty and likeness to wood
siding. Over time, the durability
attribute of the product spread, as
did its use to the many regions of
the United States.
As a custom timber frame
barn builder, B&D Builders uses
Hardie-Plank siding for the fol-
lowing benefits:
• Low maintenance. The
material is impervious to natural
elements and is not prone to peel-
ing, chipping or cracking.
• Hardie-Plank is available
in multiple colors and shades and
closely resembles the look, tex-
ture and grain of wood siding.
• Made from concrete fibers,
Hardie-Plank is fire-resistant,
which protects your barn and
could lower your insurance rate.
• Pest and moisture resistant.
The siding does not retain mois-
ture so there’s no threat of rotting
or swelling and it is an unappeal-
ing option for termites.
Selecting the right builder
is an essential in ensuring your
expectations and goals are met. In
addition to materials, it’s important
to consider method, craftsmanship
and costs when choosing a builder.
When you add in trust, B&D
Builders believes you have the
perfect combination for success.
To learn more about B&D’s
timber frame construction and
eye for design, visit Custom
BarnBuilding.com or call (717)
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