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February 2017
As winter wears on, barn
owners are making plans to
update their facilities before
training season gets underway.
However, don’t forget about
the most necessary resource of
all—water! Ryder Supply is
the wholesale distributor and
warehouse for Ritchie Waterers
in the Northeast. The company
maintains a complete inventory
of Ritchie waterers and replace-
ment parts for their customer’s
convenience while their talented
and knowledgable sales team can
assist you based on your needs.
Customers can call or walk-in
with any questions, and they will
help you locate a dealer in your
area for local service. Ryder
Supply is committed to provid-
ing quality waterers to all animal
Quality Waterers Available
from Ryder Supply Company
“We are gearing our efforts
towards the equine market to
provide outstanding service and
products to horse owners and
equine facilities,” said Meagan
Bert, Marketing Coordinator.
“We are dedicated to our custom-
ers and strive to offer the best in
customer service.”
Ryder Supply, a small, fam-
ily owned and operated business
located in Chambersburg, Penn-
sylvania, is the Ritchie distributor
for Pennsylvania, New York,
New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware,
and New England.
Ryder stocks and sells other
items such as Schaefer Fans,
Flexible Tine Harrows, and DCC
Cow Waterbeds. Contact them for
more details and pricing. Visit
or call
Improving Quality of Life!
Barns, Arenas
Special Advertising
Advertise in the
Official Program
of the
Pennsylvania Horse World Expo
coming in the
issue of
Deadline: January 25!
Call Phyllis or Debbie today
(717) 509-9800.
20,000+ Copies
65,000+ Readers
For over 15 years SoftStall
has become a name synony-
mous with horse well being and
improved quality of life. Thou-
sands of horses of all breeds and
from all disciplines worldwide
currently enjoy the benefits the
Softbrand products provide from
head to hoof!
- If your horse
must be stalled then you need
to take a closer look at the stall
environment your horse is in.
SoftStall provides the ultimate
in therapeutic benefits while pro-
viding a cleaner, healthier stall.
From their legs, tendons, mus-
cles, and joints to the improved
air quality for their lungs and
insulation benefits for their com-
fort, SoftStall has proven itself
time and time again.
– Concrete and
horses are like children and
thin ice, an accident waiting to
happen. SoftStep large format
rubber tiles provide a safe, non-
slip surface even when wet. Save
money by NOT pouring concrete
slabs. SoftStep is durable, fast
and easy to install and clean.
Add an attractive value to your
barn floors, entrances, wash and
tack stalls.
– Protect your in-
vestment. Horses that kick walls
can damage their legs and your
barn. It also disturbs the other
horses that do not. SoftWall
absorbs the concussion of a kick,
dampens the noise and protects
the legs. The horse will often
stop kicking all together. It is a
seamless durable system that can
be customized to fit any height or
Call to see how SoftStall can
improve the quality of your hors-
es life! 866-333-7638 or www.
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