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February 2016
Special Advertising Section
F.I.C.S. of Maryland Offers
Footing Consultation
and Much More
F.I.C.S. of Maryland, Inc.
offers arena footing, harrows, dust
control, lighting, fly spray sys-
tems, stall and aisle flooring, and
other arena and barn products and
services. A small family owned
business led by father-daughter
team Bill Hart and Sandy Hart
Long, F.I.C.S. serves clients
throughout the Mid-Atlantic
region (mostly VA through NJ).
“We are friends with our clients
and see them at equestrian events
all year,” says Sandy. “We pro-
vide products and services for all
disciplines. We’re not an internet
business selling a product—we’re
a small business offering support.
We’ve been in business for 25
years and have a strong client
base who continues to work with
us because they know what we
stand for and what we offer.”
F.I.C.S. offers on-site consul-
tations, customized products and
solutions and long term follow up
for small private farms, and large
commercial, boarding, show,
and training facilities. In addi-
tion to footing and harrows they
also sell, install, and maintain
automatic fly spray systems,
annually servicing around 400
clients throughout the Mid-Atlan-
tic region annually, from private
farms and boarding operations to
breeding farms, vet surgery and
recovery barns.
“We can also look at your
ring/footing and tell you what
you need….more of a certain
component (sand/rubber/fiber),
different maintenance plan (drag-
ging/watering), or if you need
outside help to level, redistribute,
or repair the base,” Sandy said.
“We can do the work or we can
talk with whomever you have
to do the work. We sometimes
work as the contractor but we’re
happy to communicate with your
contractor to make sure everyone
is on the same page and you get
the footing you want.
“We like what we do. We
enjoy working with our cus-
tomers to help make their lives
easier.” To learn more, visit www.
stableandarena.com or call 1-800-
Attwood Provides Superior Surfaces for the Equine Athlete
Olympian Boyd Martin rides
at some of the best venues the
world over. But when he returns
home to Cochranville, PA, he
rides on what he considers the best
footing in the world: Attwood
Equestrian Surfaces’ Pinnacle.
“We've been training on it for a
couple of years and we know it's
the best footing out there,” said
Boyd. “It’s like riding on a cloud.”
Pinnacle and Terra Nova are
two of Attwood’s polymer coated
all-weather, dust-free surfaces
that never require watering. Both
are premium footings offering
reduced concussion with visco-
elastic rebound*. Established by
chemist Nick Attwood, the com-
pany has been in the forefront of
synthetic footing development
since 1991.
Attwood’s footing is found in
some of the top equestrian venues
in the country, including Stable
View of Aiken, SC, Yellow Bird
Farm in Wellington, FL, Morven
Park in Leesburg, VA, The Oaks
of Lake City FL, the Chesapeake
Dressage Institute in Annapolis
MD, Morningside Training Farm
in The Plains, VA and Canadian
Olympian Peter Barry’s arena in
Aiken, SC.
Attwood Equestrian Surfac-
es’ coated sands use a patented
formulation combining meticu-
lously selected sand with micro-
fibers and visco-elastic polymer.
This heat process coats each
granule, eliminating the break-
down of the sand, which creates
dust. The micro poly-fibers
create a three network trapping
air between the sand granules,
reducing the concussion factor
and increasing vertical and later-
al support. Both give cloud-like
cushion with superb founda-
tion underneath and increased
Attwood also offers GGT,
a German Geo textile Felt/Fiber
product blended with specific
sand, enhances stability, provides
resistance to compaction and
maximizes moisture retention.
GGT blends minimize dust, pro-
viding excellent riding surfaces.
Attwood works closely with
clients from the planning stages
through the finished arena. For
more information, visit www.
equestriansurfaces.com or phone
* FEI Equine Surfaces White
Don’t Let Your Water Buckets Freeze!
Advanced Livestock Systems,
centrally located in Quarryville,
PA, provides low maintenance
watering for any size equine from
Shetlands to Shires. They sell the
Geo-Star brand exclusively with
its one elite model that serves
the same purpose as many other
competitive models. These units
are easy to clean with a seven and
a half gallon bucket under the re-
movable lid, and keep water fresh
for more than just a few horses.
This waterer is proven
freeze-resistant and refills
automatically, making it perfect
for the upcoming bone-chill-
ing nights. It is insulated and is
transplanted right into the ground
to collect geothermal heat.
Advanced Livestock System’s
watering unit is green and ener-
gy-free, meaning no stray voltage
will harm the animals and no has-
sle with cords or rising electric
bills. In addition, there’s no need
to bury a separate tube for heat or
pour concrete to set it on.
Advanced Livestock
Systems also makes farm calls
to install the waterers, giv-
ing clients the assurance of a
professional finish. They carry
a full line of replacement parts
and warranty for all workman’s
defects for one year. They are
willing to travel to install a
waterer. If there is damage to
a unit or it needs maintenance,
Advanced Livestock Systems
guarantees they will do their
best to satisfy their customers.
For more information or to pur-
chase a Geo-Star waterer, call
(717) 481-0726.
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