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February 2016
Special Advertising Section
Quality Waterers Available from Ryder Supply
As winter wears on, barn
owners are making plans to up-
date their facilities before training
season gets underway. Howev-
er, don’t forget about the most
necessary resource of all—water!
Ryder Supply is the wholesale
distributor and warehouse for
Ritchie Waterers in the North-
east. The company maintains a
complete inventory of Ritchie
waterers and replacement parts
for their customer’s convenience
while their talented and knowl-
edgable sales team can assist you
based on your needs. Custom-
ers can call or walk-in with any
questions, and they will help you
locate a dealer in your area for
local service. Ryder Supply is
committed to providing quality
waterers to all animal owners.
“We are gearing our efforts to-
wards the equine market to provide
outstanding service and products to
horse owners and equine facili-
ties,” said Meagan Bert, Marketing
Coordinator. “We are dedicated to
our customers and strive to offer
the best in customer service.”
Ryder Supply, a small,
family owned and operated
business located in Cham-
bersburg, Pennsylvania, is the
Ritchie distributor for Pennsyl-
vania, New York, New Jersey,
Maryland, Delaware, and New
Ryder stocks and sells other
items such as Schaefer Fans,
Flexible Tine Harrows, and DCC
Cow Waterbeds. Contact them for
more details and pricing. Visit
or call
J&E Grill Manufacturing
makes barn doors of all kinds –
Dutch doors, screen doors, slid-
ing entrance doors interior doors
and loft doors--along with Dutch
windows and all the components
that make your barn work – hay
racks, grills, bucket holders, blan-
ket racks, wash arms, custom sad-
dle racks, latches and door tracks,
stays and stops. In business in
New Holland, PA for more than
30 years, J&E Grill Manufactur-
For Doors and Windows, Look
to J&E Grill Manufacturing
ing uses heavy gauge steel and
aluminum. Products are not mass
produced on an assembly line
but rather individually welded
by master iron workers, ensur-
ing solid welds and longevity. A
durable powder coat finish resists
corrosion, chalking, cracking and
peeling and comes in more than
100 colors. A durable zinc primer
is part of the 7-step finishing pro-
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King Construction has
developed a niche for high end
equestrian facilities and cutting
edge design. Be prepared to
salivate as you check out photos
of their recent projects in, among
others, Colts Neck and Bedmin-
ster, NJ, Upperville, VA, and
Stamford, CT on their web site,
King Construction custom
builds to their customers’ needs
with their individuality always
State of the Art Equestrian Facility? Call King Construction
top of mind. To do so, they offer
full engineering and design
services. With thirty years in the
equestrian design/build business,
King Construction provides cer-
tified drawings for the state and
municipality in which customers
reside...drawings to submit for
building permit purposes. “We
will do code research and custom
design your building...reflecting
your budget and taste,” says Sales
Representative Dan Nissley, who
has been with King Construction
since 1985.
In-house design expert Brian
Houck can produce both con-
struction drawings and three-di-
mensional drawings. Whether
you plan to build a professional
training facility or a private one,
King Construction’s design spe-
cialists can assist you in making
your dream come true.
King Construction also
offers upscale amenities such
as EuroKing Stalls, stall fronts
composed of gleaming hardwood
with brass-like finials.
“We recognize that having
satisfied customers is critical
to our success as a company
and are committed to that end,”
Nissley said. “We have met the
challenge of designing state-of-
the-art equestrian operations. We
recognize that owning one of
these structures requires no small
investment of an individual’s
resources, that is why we strive to
provide our customers with prac-
tical, efficient and competitively
priced buildings.
“Your confidence in us is
considered a sacred trust that
we cannot betray. Our motto
remains: “Quality Backed by a
Commitment to Excellence!”
King Construction is located
in New Holland, PA and con-
tinues to serve PA, NJ, NY, CT,
MD, VA and WV. For more in-
formation visit
com or phone (717) 354-4740.
Did you know…
Pennsylvania Equestrian
has won 16 national awards
for editorial excellence.
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