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February 2015
Special Advertising Section
King Construction has
developed a niche for high end
equestrian facilities and cutting
edge design. Be prepared to
salivate as you check out photos
of their recent projects in, among
others, Colts Neck and Bedmin-
ster, NJ, Upperville, VA, and
Stamford, CT on their web site,
King Construction custom
builds to their customers’ needs
with their individuality always
State of the Art Equestrian Facility? Call King Construction
top of mind. To do so, they offer
full engineering and design
services. With thirty years in the
equestrian design/build business,
King Construction provides cer-
tified drawings for the state and
municipality in which customers
reside...drawings to submit for
building permit purposes. “We
will do code research and custom
design your building...reflecting
your budget and taste,” says Sales
Representative Dan Nissley, who
has been with King Construction
since 1985.
In-house design expert Brian
Houck can produce both con-
struction drawings and three-di-
mensional drawings. Whether
you plan to build a professional
training facility or a private one,
King Construction’s design spe-
cialists can assist you in making
your dream come true.
King Construction also
offers upscale amenities such
as EuroKing Stalls, stall fronts
composed of gleaming hardwood
with brass-like finials.
“We recognize that having
satisfied customers is critical
to our success as a company
and are committed to that end,”
Nissley said. “We have met the
challenge of designing state-of-
the-art equestrian operations. We
recognize that owning one of
these structures requires no small
investment of an individual’s
resources, that is why we strive to
provide our customers with prac-
tical, efficient and competitively
priced buildings.
“Your confidence in us is
considered a sacred trust that
we cannot betray. Our motto
remains: “Quality Backed by a
Commitment to Excellence!”
King Construction is
located in New Holland, PA
and continues to serve PA, NJ,
NY, CT, MD, VA and WV. For
more information visit www.
kingbarns.com or phone (717)
There’s Excellence Underfoot with ArenaWorks, Inc.
Based out of Lancaster, PA,
Arena Works, Inc. is a family-run
company that was developed in
response to the national demand
for reliable footing. No one
knows footing better than the
horses and riders who use it daily
and understand the dangers that
develop with the wrong products.
Arena Works footing has been
formulated, designed, and tested
by horsemen who know the ma-
terials, how they work together,
and the best approach to select
the perfect product for every need
and budget.
Arena Works footing holds
up to extensive wear and has
demonstrated excellent stability,
resiliency and shock absorbing
qualities. Both students and
professionals alike are consis-
tently impressed with the quality
of the footing, recommending
it from one person to another.
Arena Works is proud to uphold
a standard of referral with a
business that has grown by word
of mouth, one satisfied customer
after another.
Engineered to require little
maintenance yet provide ulti-
mate comfort for the horse, in
collected movements like piaffe,
passage, and pirouette, dressage
horses immediately feel the push
back from the footing. Providing
exceptional traction and strong
shock-absorption, jumpers gain
confidence and a sense of secu-
rity during takeoff, landing, and
through tight turns.
In addition to excellent
footing, Arena Works also
offers useful barn accessories
to maximize efficiency. The
Saddle Butler is a customizable
organizer designed to keep
everything from grooming
supplies to tack visible and
handy at horse shows, clinics,
and at home. While sturdy, this
cart effortlessly rolls across all
surfaces and is portable enough
to store in both truck and trailer.
The Feed Butler is another
organizational tool to eliminate
mess and mistakes during feed-
ing. The unique design keeps
feed buckets systematized for
feeding then does double-duty
as a drying rack.
To request more information
or browse products, visit online at
PA Horse World Expo
March 5-8
Farm Show
Complex, Harrisburg PA
Call Phyllis or Debbie today at (717) 509-9800.
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