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February 2014
Diane’s goal is to help horses and people
find a relationship that is fun, beneficial, and
healthy for all parties involved. Diane believes
that when we keep the emotional, mental, and
physical aspects of the horse relationship in
mind, logical and progressive steps can be taken
toward the goals of smooth gait, correct gait,
longevity, and calmness.
Diane started riding horses in Montana as a
girl including rodeo, pleasure, ranch work and
showing, some on smooth gaited horses and
some on walk/trot horses. Yes, even rodeo on a
Tennessee Walking Horse! Diane moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1980 to work as trainer,
instructor and breeding manager of what was then the largest Tennessee Walking Horse
farm in Canada. While in Canada she helped develop and write the first dressage tests
for Tennessee Walking Horses. She competed and won her level at the first judged
TWH dressage shows in 1987 and 1988. Her last year in Canada, the horses that she
trained and/or showed at the 1988 Canadian Walking Horse Futurity made landslide
wins taking home firsts and championships from weanlings up through 3 year olds. The
farm’s stallions and mares were honored for their offspring. While in Canada, she also
helped introduce Tennessee Walking Horses onto the Competitive Trail Riding scene
and competed successfully for 5 years.
Back in the States, Diane turned her focus to learning more about the overall rela-
tionship and wellness of horse and rider/handler. This aspect has taken her into the study
of biomechanics, nutrition, disease, feet, teeth, saddle fit, bits; whatever there is to glean
regarding the wonderful horse. Diane has been honored to work under the guidance of
many at the forefront of awareness for the horse including: Pearl Tompkins (forefather of
Tennessee Walking Horses in the NW), Monty Foreman, Sally Swift, Peggy Cummings,
Linda Tellington-Jones, Robin Hood, David Genadek, Doug Smith, and many other
focused, insightful horse professionals who are following the quest for knowledge of the
horse. Diane’s licenses and certifications include IJA Judge (Friends of Sound Horses),
Senior IJA Dressage Judge and Senior Connected Riding Instructor. Diane has owned
and trained/instructed many smooth gaited national versatility title holders.
Diane has a small training facility at Back To Basics Equine Awareness in Denver,
PA. She travels extensively throughout the United States doing clinics and lessons for
gaited horses of all breeds. The focus varies with the clientele and includes trail riding,
show ring, dressage, ground-work and body-work. Diane is a warm and witty instruc-
tor who uses visual language to help support her students. Please visit Diane at booth
118, she would be happy to balance you in the saddle and talk Smooth Gaited Horses.
Adult Beginner Riders & the Gaited Horse; This Should Be Easy?
(Fri., noon,
Seminar Hall A)
Connected Riding for Gaited Horses
(Fri., 2 pm, Large Arena)
Connected Groundwork for Gaited Horses; Gait From the Ground
(Sat., noon,
Large Arena)
A Panel Discussion; Gaited Horses in the Horse Industry Q&A
(Sat., 6 pm,
Seminar Hall A)
Basic Horsemanship for Gaited Horses
(Sun., 10 am, Large Arena)
Gaited Myths Busted; What Do Gaited Horses Really Need
(Sun., 1 pm,
Round Pen Arena)
See Diane Sept at the Back to Basics Equine Awareness booth 118
Riders ages 10 and up and
their horse compete for cash and
prizes by negotiating a course of
obstacles while being timed and
scored by a panel of judges. The
professionally designed course
will challenge the communication
and trust riders have with their horse. Each obstacle has been designed and tested for
effectiveness in bringing the best riders and their horse to the top.
Trail Champions Challenge
(Fri. 10 am; Sat., 9 am, Equine Arena)
, J
A life-long hands-on horseman, Tommie
travels the world performing his unique style of
horsemanship in front of hundreds of thousands of
people each year. Tommie performs his signature
acts to sold out crowds at hundreds of North Amer-
ica’s biggest shows, including daily performances
and demonstrations at the biggest equestrian event
ever to be held in the US, the FEI World Eques-
trian Games in Lexington, Kentucky.
His bay and white American Paint horse,
“Pokerjoe” is the star of the outfit. Well known for
his comedy antics as the “upside-down horse,” he
is the most memorable and requested equine act
in the business. In 2009, Pokerjoe was immortalized as a Breyer® Horse model. Tommie’s
black and white Paint horse, Joker, the work horse of the bunch, was cast as the Breyer®
Celebration Model Horse in 2006. Joker’s younger brother Ace is the lover of the group
who will steal your heart with his soft gentle eyes. “Blade” is a rescued red roan Mustang
which Tommie has partnered with his faithful dog, Maverick, a Red Queensland Heeler.
In addition to being a top entertainer, Tommie puts his no-nonsense training methods
into practice as an exciting and entertaining clinician. He is the most versatile horseman in the
industry and the results of his training are visible in every performance. He gets the most out of
them through consistency, discipline and respect. Tommie says “The key in getting your horse
to doing anything correctly is consistency in training and day to day contact. It’s not magic like
most people want you to believe. It is understanding and the quality, not quantity of training.
People think I train my horse for hours on end and it’s quite the opposite. I train people to
think in small steps and how to get on the horse’s level.”As a professional stuntman and stunt
coordinator, Tommie appears with his horses in the movies “Jonah Hex” and “The Greening of
Whitney Brown” and in the recent blockbusters “Batman: Dark Night”, Larry the Cable Guy’s
“Witless Protection” and HBO’s award winning mini-series “JohnAdams.”
As an owner of over 20 horses from Paints, Pintos, Quarter Horses, Haflingers, Trakeh-
ner, Rocky Mountain Horses, an American Cream Draft, and Mustangs, Tommie enjoys
working with them all. He has dedicated his life to bringing the power and beauty of the horse
to the forefront through entertainment and inspiring demonstrations. In addition, Tommie
helps teach people how to create a special partnership with their horses with real world exer-
cises and training programs. “It’s not about the tricks, it’s about getting you and your horse to
a higher level and having fun while doing it.”Tommie knows that the average person doesn’t
have all day or years to train their horses. They want to start enjoying them now.
Dally Up! Teaching Your Horse to Pull & Drag
(Thurs., 3 pm, Large Arena)
Using Treats as a Tool
(Fri., 1 pm, Round Pen Arena)
Trick Horse Training as a New Discipline
(Fri., 4 pm, Large Arena)
Creating the Connection; the Do’s and Don’ts of Bonding
(Sat., noon,
Round Pen Arena)
The Art of Liberty
(Sat., 4 pm, Large Arena)
Good Manners; What to Expect & How to Achieve It
(Sun., 1 pm, Large Arena)
See Tommie Turvey at the Equine Extremist Entertainment booth, 114-117
Buy your tickets early for
Theatre Equus
Two hours of the
best equestrian
Friday and Saturday
nights beginning
at 8:30 pm
Stars of the Thoroughbred Make-
over will feature four of the competitors
from the Retired Racehorse Training
Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover and
National Symposium held at Pimlico
Racecourse in October. Four trainers
– two teenage girls, two adults—will
compete with their former Thorough-
bred racehorses in a multi-discipline challenge to be judged by a panel of guest judges.
Stars of theThoroughbred Makeover
(Sat., 2 pm, Equine Arena)
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