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February 2014
An accomplished Olympic Course Designer,
Clinician, Judge, Equestrian Facility Design Con-
sultant and Author, Linda has been a fixture in the
equestrian industry for more than 45 years. She
spent 11 years as General Manager/Trainer/Rider
for a private stable that maintained approximately
20 competition horses plus a breeding operation
that included 20 broodmares and 2 breeding stal-
lions. Linda has developed horses for and competed
at the International Grand Prix level throughout
the U.S., Canada and Europe. She has ridden as a member of Nations Cup teams on
three occasions and, earlier in her career, competed and trained hunters, saddle horses,
western, eventing and dressage at the regional level.
Ms. Allen is the author of 101 Jumping Exercises for Horse and Rider. She is a regular
columnist for Chronicle of the Horse and has written numerous articles for other equestrian
publications including L’Annee Hipique (the annual yearbook for equestrian sport).
Linda is an FEI Official International Course Designer, FEI Certified Steward and
Course Director for Show Jumping and US Equestrian Federation “R” Course Designer
for Jumpers and Hunters. She is a USEF Registered Judge for Jumpers, Hunters and
Hunt Seat Equitation, Foreign Judge for FEI Events in Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Italy
and Saudi Arabia and has been Member and President of the Ground Jury for multiple
World Cup Finals and World Equestrian Games events. Linda has acted as Techni-
cal Delegate to many international competitions including the 1994 World Equestrian
Games and 1999 Pan American Games.
Jump Training with a System
(Fri., 1 pm, Seminar Hall A)
Starting the Horse or Rider over Fences
(Fri., 4 pm, Equine Arena)
How to Build & Execute a Good Jump Course
(Sat., 1 pm, Seminar Hall A)
Impress the Equitation Judge on the Flat and Over Fences
(Sat., 4 pm, EquineArena)
Setting Goals & Finding the Right Help
(Sun. 10 am, Seminar Hall A)
Improve Your Success in Timed Jump-Offs
(Sun., noon, Equine Arena)
Craig Cameron grew up dreaming of being a
cowboy. During high school in Houston, TX, he
competed in rough stock events at Texas rodeos.
After high school Craig moved to the 1,700 acre
family cattle ranch where he learned ranching
from the famous Texas Ranger family, the Ham-
ers. Craig loved traditional ranching methods,
using horses to work, move, and handle the cattle.
While living on the ranch, Craig earned his
PRCA card and for almost two decades compet-
ed in the world’s biggest rodeos, specializing in bull riding and traveling throughout the
United States, Canada, and Mexico. Craig objected to the unnecessary rough treatment
horses received in the 1950’s and 60’s. He took on problem horses from local ranch-
ers and used a slower, more natural approach. Clients would get their horses back and,
puzzled by the incredible, quick transition, wanted to watch the magic at work. Craig
said, “When I started making them pay, they really started listening.”
Craig then met Ray Hunt and followed in his trail, becoming one of the “original clini-
cians,” and filming his first video in 1985. Now Craig performs worldwide, traveling almost
90,000 miles and 44 weeks a year. Craig, called the Public Defender of the horse, also hosts
two silver “Telly” TV shows, “Ride Smart” and “The Extreme Cowboy Race” on RFDTV.
Craig Cameron keeps the cowboy way alive. Most noted for his innovative horse-
manship skills and exciting teaching techniques, he is also an incredible woodsman and
hunter. Among his awards are the American Cowboy Culture Award for the Working
Cowboy and Western Equestrian Award. He was recently adopted by the Crow Indian
Nation, Montana, and given the name “Captures Many Horses”. Well known for his
sense of humor and trademark laugh, Craig is still going strong at an age where most
men are riding the rocking chair. Craig still starts hundreds of colts and teaches hundreds
of classes each year. Craig Cameron may have grown up dreaming of being a cowboy
but with his induction into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2007, people will now
always say, “He did not just dream it, he lived it.”
Power is in Your Position & Cues
(Thurs., 5 pm, Large Arena)
Simple & Effective Patterns to Develop a Great Foundation
(Fri., 1 pm, LargeArena)
The Essence of Good Horsemanship: Feel, Timing & Balance
(Fri. 4 pm,
Seminar Hall A)
Advanced Patterns to Develop Great Horses
(Sat., 1 pm, Large Arena)
Secrets to Success in the Horse Industry, a Q&ASession
(Sat., 3 pm, Seminar Hall A)
Reining 101
(Sun., 11 am, Large Arena)
Open Q&Awith Hall of Fame Champion Craig Cameron
(Sun., 1 pm, Seminar HallA)
Visit Craig Cameron at Craig Cameron Horsemanship booth 233
Colleen started her career in exercise physiology
in injury and cardiac rehabilitation gymnasiums. Now,
25 years later, she is one of the world’s most sought
after keynote speakers, having been invited to speak for
Official Equestrian Federations around the world at the
Grand Prix (Olympic Level) Judge’s Conference. Her
world lecture tour includes Official Equestrian Federa-
tions throughout the world, FEI Level Judge’s Clinics
& world class conferences such as Horse World Expo,
Equitana, Equinexpo, Sporthorse and other US horse
Colleen was elected spokeswoman for the Work-
Cover Authority of NSW and she has a keen interest
in occupational health and safety and seat and pos-
ture in the workplace and is the founder of the Kidsafety School Posture Program.
Although Colleen is well known for judging at many state, national and royal
championships, and for receiving a remarkable 100 percent in her Official Dres-
sage Judge’s Exam, it’s her ‘Irish Sense of Humor’ that keeps audiences around the
world smiling. Colleen has also received three separate awards for her work with
Riding for Disabled.
Improve Confidence & Balance with Better Position
(Thurs., 12:10 pm,
Equine Arena)
Riding to Music; The Secrets of the Masters
(Fri., noon, Large Arena)
On the Forehand vs. Engagement; Using Seat & Posture
(Sat., 3 pm,
Large Arena)
Tips for Coaches & Parents; Test the Rider’s Seat & Posture
(Sun., 11 am,
Seminar Hall B)
Why Does My Horse Cut Corners?
(Sun., 2 pm, Round Pen Arena)
See Colleen Kelly at the Rider Biomechanics booth, 638-640
A self-taught Australian horseman who has
entertained, inspired and educated thousands of
Australians from all walks of life, Guy arrived in
the USA in June 2010 with his four Australian bred
horses and commenced his USA-wide tour.
Since 1999, Guy and his equine team, led
by Nugget (the father of Guy’s three dun horses)
have been featured in many Australian events
including: Royal shows, Equitana Asia Pacific,
major equestrian festivals, international rodeos
and Australia’s famous “Man from Snowy River
Festival”. One of Guy’s talents is bush poetry and
he has twice been crowned Australian Bush Poet Champion.
In 2002 and 2006 Guy received the great honor of being named an official
‘Ambassador of the Outback’ and through his performances of horsemanship, bush
poetry and whip cracking he has helped to keep the traditions of the bush and the true
Aussie Stockman alive. In 2005 Guy was the inaugural winner of Equitana’s, ‘Way
of the Horse’ young horse starting competition and it was the methods he learned in
the Queensland bush under the watchful eye of many a young horse that brought him
Since being in the USA, Guy and his equine team have had the honor of perform-
ing at the World Equestrian Games 2010 held in Lexington, KY, as a nightly pre-show
performer at the National Finals Rodeo 2010 in Las Vegas and at many other events
near his home base of Allen, Texas.
Starting the Young Horse; The First Ride
(Thurs., 2 pm, Large Arena)
Complete Body Control Under Tack & at Liberty
(Thurs., 5 pm, Round
Pen Arena)
Starting the Young Horse; Growing the Young Mind
(Fri., 11 am,
Large Arena)
Creating the All Around Horse
(Fri., 3 pm, Large Arena)
Starting the Young Horse; The Qualities of the Lead Horse
(Sat., 10 am,
Large Arena)
Developing the Individual
(Sat., 2 pm, Large Arena)
The Method Behind the Magic
(Sun., 10 am, Round Pen Arena)
Advancing the Young Horse; Time to Go to Work
(Sun., 2 pm,
Large Arena)
See Guy McLean at the Horsemanship with Guy McLean booth 510-512
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