December 2017 Issue - page 7

December 2017
Page 7
The Unwanted Horse Coali-
tion (UHC) has published a new
guide called “Estate Planning: A
Guide for Equine Owners.”
“Unfortunately, the UHC
receives quite a few calls about
horses whose owners have
passed away, and the next of kin
or friend is unsure what exactly
to do with the horse, or even
lacks the knowledge to care for
the horse,” said UHC Director
Ashley Furst. “The UHC is often
looked towards as a resource for
information, so we felt publish-
ing a guide to Estate Planning
would help expand our message
of what Owning Responsibly
entails. While estate planning can
certainly be a tough subject to
talk about, we feel horse owners
will find the brochure to be a very
helpful guide when it comes to
planning for the future.”
The Estate Planning Guide
examines the differences between
setting up a trust versus simply
naming the horse in your will, the
different types of trusts available,
as well as other considerations to
keep in mind such as registration
papers and medical records for
the horse, equipment, land, and
your equine business.
“The UHC intends this to be
a general guide for estate plan-
ning as it applies to your horses,
and we certainly recommend con-
tacting a knowledgeable equine
attorney to guide you through the
details of estate planning involv-
ing your equine,” said Ms. Furst.
A pdf of the brochure can
be found on the UHC’s website,, and
copies of the brochure are also
available upon request. To re-
ceive copies, email Ashley Furst
Horse Owners’
Estate Planning
Guide Available
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