December 2017 Issue - page 11

December 2017
Page 11
Penn State’s Department of
Animal Science’s equine breed-
ing program received a huge
boost with the generous gift of
an elite Quarter Horse stallion by
Becky and Craig Bailey.
The stallion, Red White N
Good (“Irish”), a 2009 roan stal-
lion by Zippos Mr Good Bar, will
enhance the breeding program
and is a particularly valuable
addition following the unexpect-
ed death of 10-year-old PSU
Dynamic Krymsum (“Rocky”)
two months ago. Rocky, a highly
successful and beloved part of
the program, had been bred and
raised at Penn State thanks to
a donated One Hot Krymsum
breeding 11 years ago by the Bai-
leys, who own and operate Baily
Farm LLC in Batavia, OH.
The Baileys also donated
A Pretty Big Deal, now carry-
ing a Red White N Good foal.
The mare was sired by One Hot
Surrounding "Irish," from left, are Dr. Terry Etherton, Head of the
Department of Animal Science, Craig and Becky Bailey and Brian
Egan, Horse Farm Coordinator.
Photo credit: AE Photography
Penn State Receives Gift of Stallion
Krymsum, so the program will
continue to benefit from that
outstanding genetic line.
Becky Bailey said Irish’s
first foals are beginning to show
nationally and are doing extreme-
ly well.
To learn more about the Penn
State program visit
Did you know?
Pennsylvania Equestrian has won
17 national awards
for editorial excellence.
Professional Grooms are Unsung Heroes No More
area. And it’s an international cast
of characters. “Oliver O’Toole,
fromAustralia, took care of Laura
Kraut's horse when she won in
2003. He hugged all the presenters
in the ring!” In 2015 when Leslie
Howard won the Grand Prix
with Gentille van Spieveld, “KJ
Cameron, from New Zealand, hi-
lariously claimed to be the oldest
groom in FEI stabling.” The 2017
winner was an American, Emily
Hayden, who took care of Falco
van Spieveld, ridden by Canadian
Nicole Walker.
Mewhinney says that more
and more top-level competitions
are recognizing the grooms for the
work they do. But it’s not with-
out controversy. “Some believe
groom’s awards should be mer-
it-based,” she says. “The grooms
work ridiculously hard, and we
believe they all should be recog-
nized. Getting a horse ready to be
judged on your ability to make
it perfect for one merit-based com-
petition is very time-consuming.”
She says that selecting the winner
based on the success of the horse
in competition works well. “Peo-
ple who support the award love
it. This groom’s award recognizes
the hard work for every groom.”
Visit the Caffarey-Hennessy
Groom's Award Facebook page and
#groomsaward on Instagram.
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