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December 2015
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eventing at some starter trials
while working and training with
Molly. Ultimately she made the
decision to sell Mason as she rec-
ognized his great talent and knew
she didn’t have the resources to
develop his full potential. The
opportunity presented itself for
Molly and her husband Bryce
to buy this rising star and to
keep him within the program at
MK Equestrian. Hannah was
thrilled with this next step for
her horse.
The Thoroughbred Series
The timing was perfect for
Molly and Mason as Plantation
Field Equestrian Events an-
nounced their $5000 Thorough-
bred Competition Series for the
2015 eventing season. Spon-
sored by Kathleen Crompton,
over 90 horses competed for the
award, given to the owner of the
Thoroughbred earning the most
points during the season. Points
were accumulated in the recog-
nized and starter horse trials in
the Beginner Novice, Novice and
Training divisions. This program
also rewards the original breeder
of the horse with a $500 breed-
er incentive. This has enabled
Molly to stay actively involved
with the Ritchey’s as Mason has
progressed through the levels of
Mason began the year with a
win at Sporting Days Horse Trials
and had several other top finishes
before coming back from Aiken
last winter. He finished second at
his first recognized competition at
Plantation in the Novice division
and was awarded points for being
the division’s top OTTB. He
continued to accumulate points
by winning his Novice divisions
in May and June before moving
up to Training level over the sum-
mer and then eventually winning
his training level division at the
October starter trials as well.
The Future
The series will continue in
2016, with hopes that this will
encourage area equestrians to
continue to seek partnerships
with talented young thorough-
breds. Plantation Field organizer
Denis Glaccum and sponsor
Kathleen Compton hope the pro-
gram will grow to the point that
entire divisions can be dedicated
to off the track thoroughbreds.
The Unionville community has
long been dedicated to breeding,
racing, fox hunting and pro-
ducing top thoroughbred sport
horses for multiple disciplines.
This new incentive will certainly
help support that purpose within
the eventing community and
Molly is honored to be the first
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