December 2013 Issue - page 11

December 2013
Page 11
The Penn State Extension
Equine Team recognized Stone-
wall Stables, L and B Farm,
Heritage Hills Equestrian Center,
Wind Crest Farm, and Mar Gar
Farm as “Proud Penn State Part-
ners.” A metal Penn State Exten-
sion farm sign was presented to
these farms for their environmen-
tal stewardship.
The Proud Penn State Partner
program recognizes farms, organi-
zations, and businesses for adopt-
ing farm practices that maintain
healthy horses, healthy farms, and
a healthy environment. Ryerss
Farm for Aged Equines in Chester
County was the first equine facil-
ity to receive recognition as a
‘Proud Penn State Partner’.
Stonewall Stables, an equine
boarding facility located in Chester
County, is owned and managed by
Craig Seyfreid. Lisa Capp owns
and manages L and B Farm in Dau-
phin County, where she provides
horse boarding, lessons, trail rides,
and summer camps. Heritage Hills
is a boarding and lesson facility
in Northampton County owned
and operated by Steve and Laura
Zaharek. Wind Crest Farm, owned
and operated by John Salisbury, is
a private facility in York County.
Martha Masiello of Chester County
is the owner and operator of Mar
Gar Farm, a private facility that
houses two Percherons.
Farm managers, all of whom
were seeking help for their pasture
concerns, were introduced to the
on-farm research project through
an Equine Environmental Stew-
ardship Short Course. The farms
had overgrazed pasture at risk for
erosion and nutrient loss. Ad-
ditionally, weeds, which crowded
out desirable forages, were preva-
lent in each farm’s pastures, and
owners were unaware of how to
remedy their problems.
ASustainable Agriculture
Research and Education (SARE)
grant assisted owners with
re-seeding and renovating pas-
tures. Pastures were evaluated by
determining the percent of canopy
cover, total vegetation, and the
percentage of desirable forages and
weeds. Soil samples were pulled
from each pasture to determine the
current nutrient levels and soil pH.
Members of the Penn State
Extension Equine team worked
extensively with farm owners and
operators to develop better manage-
ment practices. Each farm was
able to transform its pastures and
maintain the improvements, includ-
ing an abundance of vegetative
growth and a wide establishment of
desirable perennial forages. Further
details of each farm’s success story
can be found at
Penn State Extension offers
a wide range of equine work-
shops and programs. For more
information about the programs,
To receive program registration
materials or to be added to the
list serve regarding future Equine
Team offerings, contact Norma
Young at
Five Farms
Proud Penn
State Partners
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