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Dressage at Devon 2014
Don’t Miss These Special Events!
Photo by Sophie Ghedin
Equestrians Extraordinaire
Guy McLean
Guy McLean and his Australian horses have entertained, inspired and educated thousands of people
around the world and he’s coming back, by popular demand, to Dressage at Devon. Guy and his equine
partners will perform tricks that can only be accomplished when a trainer and his horses form a high level
of mutual trust. That trust is clear when Guy and his horses perform. It is an event for children, families,
horsemen and the general public not to be missed.
Delaware Valley Combined Training Association (DVCTA)
Founded in 1965, the Delaware Valley Combined Training Association is a non-profit group dedicat-
ed to the education and support of its members. For those who have attended Dressage at Devon in the
past, you hopefully had the opportunity to see the DVCTA Quadrille – eight horses performing in unison.
The Quadrille idea started when Anne Moss, then president of DVCTA, asked Anne Miller to help
a group of riders "tweak" a standard 4-horse quadrille pattern to accommodate 8 horses for an exhibition
ride at DAD. The riders decided a patriotic theme would be appropriate for the 10th anniversary of 9/11.
Flag bearers on paint ponies added a little flair to the performance. For the finale, one of our flag horses
(Mickey Blue Eyes ridden by Karen Walsh) bowed to the firefighters who had been recruited to represent
the first responders from that fateful day. There was not a dry eye in the house!
The region is very supportive of DVCTA and many local farms open up their facilities at no cost to
the team, leaving more money in the budget for costumes! The more bling the better!
Boxes at their Best
Once again, box holders will be asked to use their creativity to decorate their boxes for the competi-
tion which takes place on Saturday, September 27.
Ladies Hat Day
Devon would simply not be Devon without its Ladies Hat Contest. All ladies who
arrive in fancy hats (not baseball caps please!) will be admitted free of charge Sep-
tember 26. Judging will take place in the afternoon.
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