August 2014 Issue - page 11

August 2014
Page 11
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2014 Dressage
at Devon:
The Tradition
Dressage with the Experts
Over the years, more and
more spectators, riders and train-
ers have enjoyed Dressage with
the Experts.
This year an over-ear style
personal receiver allows anyone
to follow all the commentary of
some of the foremost experts in
the world of dressage. Listen as
they comment and give person-
al opinions and insight into the
horse and rider during their per-
formances. For only $35 (pre-or-
dered) or $40 on the day of the
show, you get a behind the scenes
perspective exclusive only to
those with a radio. More informa-
tion or pre-purchase can be found
This year, the expert line-up
Johanna Gwinn
Catherine Haddad Staller
Michael Kierkegaard
Sidley Payne
Kathy Rowse
Monica Sinks
Classes with expert commen-
tary include:
▪ Grand Prix B Qualifier for
Grand Prix Special (Friday)
▪ Grand Prix Freestyle (Saturday
▪ Intermediare I (Saturday)
▪ Young Rider Freestyle (Sunday)
▪ Grand Prix Special (Sunday)
From Gourmet Brunch to
Burgers and Beer
Volunteers have been work-
ing hard tweaking the menus to
ensure that Dressage at Devon’s
reputation for great food, for all
tastes, continues. We are pleased
to announce that the ever-popular
Brandywine Catering is back this
year, serving salads, sandwiches,
soups, as well as full dinner se-
lections each day. Come hungry!
Fall Festival Shops
The International Fall
Festival Shops include boutique
items for both equestrians as
well as those who admire horses
from the stands. From jewelry,
handbags and clothing to the best
in tack and, of course, those items
that just didn’t make it into the
trailer! Don’t forget to stop by
the Dressage at Devon souvenir
shop to take home Dressage at
Devon memories – from t-shirts
to boutique-quality vests and
jackets to the ever-important rain
gear. Home items such as glasses,
plates, frames, and mugs will
bring back Dressage at Devon
memories all year round.
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