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Vol. 20 No.7
Our 20th Year
August 2013
The 2013 Dressage at Devon
(DAD), taking place at the
Devon Horse Show Grounds in
Devon, PA from September 24 to
September 29, combines tradition
with new classes, new vendors
and new food.
One of the highest-rated
FEI events outside of Europe,
Dressage at Devon was recently
honored with the United States
Equestrian Federation’s (USEF)
designation as a USEF Heritage
Competition. The Heritage Com-
petition title is the highest honor
currently held by any Federation
horse show. Dressage at Devon
is the first Dressage show to
receive this honor.
New Classes and More
“We are pleased to an-
nounce that we have added new
classes this year, developed to
provide new opportunities for
both horses and riders,” said Lori
Kaminski, President and CEO
of Dressage at Devon. “First,
in recognition of the increasing
popularity of thoroughbreds, is
a new Individual Breed Class
(IBC) in the breed division. The
class is open to any registered
thoroughbred and a special
award will be given for off-the-
track thoroughbreds.”
In addition, Dressage at
Devon will reintroduce Dres-
sage Seat Equitation classes,
with a class for juniors and one
2013 Dressage at Devon: Building Upon Tradition
for adult amateurs, to be held
on Sunday, September 29. The
class will be judged upon cor-
rect seat position and the use of
A FEI U-25 program,
designed to help young adults
move from the Junior/Young
Rider ranks into the senior
levels, will also be introduced
at this year’s show. It consists
of the FEI Intermediaire II test
and the FEI Young Rider Grand
Prix (16-25). By adding the U-25
classes, Dressage at Devon will
provide the complete spectrum
of classes to encourage participa-
tion in the sport for riders at all
age levels.
Breed and Performance
The Breed Division will
feature Young Horse/Sport Horse
Classes, Mature Horse/Breeding
Classes, Handler Classes, Non-
Championship Group Classes,
the Great American Insurance
Group/USDF Breeder’s Cham-
pionship – East Coast Series,
Materiale Classes and Individual
Breed Classes (IBC), as well as
the Born in the USA Breeders
Award. Plus, Dressage at Devon
will again feature the Three-Year-
Old Prospect Championship,
introduced last year.
The Born in the USA
Breeder’s Award, which rec-
ognizes the achievements of
sport-horse breeders in the United
States, is becoming a true crowd
favorite. This is in addition to the
United States Dressage Fed-
eration Breeder’s Championship
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Canadian Olympic rider Jacqueline Brooks and D-Niro won the 2012 Dressage at Devon World Cup
Freestyle in front of a standing room only crowd of 5,000 spectators with a performance that earned
the pair a score of 74.300 percent. The score was a personal best for the combination and her first
Dressage at Devon freestyle win in fifteen years of competing there.
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