August 2017 Issue - page 11

August 2017
Page 11
By Marcella Peyre-Ferry
One old gray mare has
found a new home thanks to the
generosity and compassion of a
woman who has never owned a
horse before.
Stories of horse rescues can
be heart wrenching. At the same
time, a successful outcome warms
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Grumpy Nanny: Old Gray Mare is
Rescued by First Time Horse Owner
the heart. This one is of particular
interest because the rescuer comes
from outside the horse world.
Norma Dobrowolski saw the
work of Kelly Smith of Omega
Horse Rescue online through the
rescue’s website and their Face-
book page. Although she has
no real experience with horses,
Dobrowolski felt drawn to help
in some way and had made some
“I had a little pony when I
was a kid, but I don’t know that I
ever rode it,” Dobrowolski said.
“I love animals.”
She was particularly drawn
to the picture of one animal, a
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Twenty year old Standardbred Bonjour Mine Nana, now 'Gracie", injured and emaciates, was pulled
from slaughter- bound pen by Kelly Smith of Omega Horse Rescue in Airville, PA on July 5, 2016.
Photo courtesy of Nick Edmunds
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