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April 2014
Local Filmmaker Visits Rolex,
Writes Eventing Screenplay
(Continued on page 28)
by Crystal Piaskowski
Eventing is about feel.
Nothing is so thrilling as feel-
ing a horse galloping along well
in hand, intently locking onto a
solid fence, and then launching
himself up and over in one single,
fluid motion. Unless it’s the
focused, driving energy of dres-
sage when the rider sits square
and tall and the horse floats, as if
by magic, across the arena. Can
that feel be translated to the silver
screen? Most horse movies are
notoriously impractical and dif-
ficult for equestrians to take seri-
ously. However, Rick Hansberry,
a screenwriter and producer from
Lancaster, PA, is determined to
give the sport of eventing the
recognition it deserves in his
upcoming film.
“My wife rides and competes
in local hunter shows, nothing
rated, so when we went to Rolex
last April for her 50th birthday,
it was worlds above what I had
been exposed to previously,” says
Hansberry. “The one thing that
really impressed me was the ac-
cessibility of world-class riders;
Not a rider himself, screenwriter and producer Rick Hansberry, of
Lancaster, PA, was struck by the visual beauty and power of the eventing
world after a trip to Rolex last year. His story-telling imagination has come
alive with a screenplay centered in the heart of eventing, and is now turn-
ing towards the community for help transforming the pages into a film.
they walk among you, talk to
you, answer your questions…in
what other sport would such suc-
cessful athletes do that?”
Hansberry recalls walk-
ing the cross-country course
and coming across a competi-
tor grazing his horse. It turned
out to be none other than Will
Faudree and his mount Pawlow.
“I went up to him and shook
his hand, talked for about ten
minutes and let him know how
much I respected what he does.
I ended up finding his website
online and sent him a thank-you
message for taking the time to
talk to me,” recollects Hansberry.
Faudree messaged him back and
they spoke more about eventing
as a sport. Faudree mentioned the
movie “Sylvester” as the catalyst
for his interest in eventing and
Hansberry, with his passion for
screenplays, quickly checked
it out. “‘Sylvester’ was just not
realistic,” critiques Hansberry.
“There’s no other movie that does
the sport justice. Eventing is so
visual, it cries out to be on film.”
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