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Our 20th Year
April 2013
Celine Marlin Andrews Wins USEF Small Hunter National Championship
by Marcella Peyre-Ferry
Seventeen-year-old Celine
Marlin Andrews of Valley Forge,
PA took on the adults and profes-
sionals and came out on top,
winning the first US Equestrian
Federation Small Hunter Na-
tional Championship for 2012 on
her Dutch Warmblood mare Diva
SCF, known around her barn as
The Small Hunter Divi-
sion--for horses that stand over
14.2 hands but not above 15.2½
hands--is not restricted by age or
experience, so Marlin Andrews
found herself usually riding
against adults and professionals.
“I was usually the youngest in
my division. It was really scary at
first,” she said. “It was definitely
rough competing against all these
horses that were professionally
made with one I did myself. I
really wanted to work with her
pretty much on my own so when
we did well I could say ‘that’s
my work’.”
Because the Small Hunter
division was a new USEF Cham-
pionship this year, the show-
ing opportunities were limited.
“Since it’s a new division not
many horse shows had it,” Mar-
lin Andrews said. The division
became nationally recognized in
Marlin Andrews earned
Small Hunter points at the Bran-
dywine Valley Summer Series,
and Monmouth County NJ Horse
Show, where she won the tricolor
at both, and the Middleburg (VA)
Classic. Ribbons earned gave
her both the zone and national
championship titles with a total
of 308.5 points in five competi-
Clinched in Minnesota
Several of the shows that
might have been opportuni-
ties for Marlin Andrews and
Diva SCF did not fill the small
hunter division. To wrap up her
show year and give her a chance
to put her points total firmly
over the top, Marlin Andrew‘s
mother drove the horse trailer
to Minnesota for the Minnesota
Harvest Hunter Jumper Show—
a 27 hour trip--while she flew to
the show.
At one point, the truck broke
down and the horse spent two
hours in the trailer on the side of
the road before being able to go
on. In spite of all the problems
getting there, Marlin Andrews
won the division championship.
“It was definitely a crazy experi-
ence,” she said.
Marlin Andrews rides at
Reinbows End Farm in Malvern,
PA, with trainer John Muldoon.
She has been riding since she was
small, starting on lesson horses
then showing her own pony until
she outgrew him.
Sale Prospect
When Diva SCF came onto
the farm three years ago as a sale
prospect with just a few months
of under saddle work, Marlin An-
drews fell in love with her. “She
is such a wonderful horse, one
that I can really connect with,”
she said. “She’s a typical mare.
She can be moody, but so can I,
so we kind of have little battles
there, but when I ask her to do
something for me she puts her
whole heart in it and she’ll really
do anything I ask. She is ex-
tremely trustworthy and loyal.”
Marlin Andrews showed her
horse in beginner hunter, pre-chil-
dren’s and children’s hunter, but
when the small hunter division
was initiated it was the perfect
fit. Although the Small Hunter
Division jumps 3-foot fences
just as the Children’s Hunters the
courses and distances are a better
fit for the horses 14.3 to 15 1/2
Currently a senior at Villa
Maria Academy, Marlin An-
drews also competes as a ski
racer. She is planning on staying
in the small hunter division for
a while, but she is also consid-
ering moving up to the Juniors
this year. For her future, Marlin
Andrews has applied to several
colleges, but has not made her
final choice yet. She hopes to
double major in biology and
psychology. “I hope to ride in
college and definitely continue
to have horses in my life,” she
Though she was usually the youngest rider in her division, Celine Marlin Andrews topped the 2012
year-end standings with Diva SCF, a Dutch warmblood mare that she brought along herself. The
17-year old traveled to Minnesota to earn the points to clinch the title.
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