April 2017 Issue - page 11

April 2017
Page 11
that builds up to that,” Phillip
said. “The first thing will be to
get qualified, and then we’ll see
where we aim for.”
As he reflects on Lee Lee’s
accident, Phillip said he is grate-
ful for the support of the eventing
community. #TeamLeeLee and
#LeeLeeStrong photos continue
to pepper social media. Bracelets,
hats and shirts bearing the same
hashtags and messages of support
for her recovery are now impossi-
ble to miss wherever event riders
can be found.
“The outpouring of love
and support and best wishes has
really been humbling,” he said.
“It is a real testament to what a
great person she is, and I think
it will be really rewarding for
everyone when she is able to
be a part of the eventing world
He also added that he is
indebted to all of the members of
his team, who stepped up to keep
his operation running as smoothly
as possible following the acci-
“When I visit the farm in
Aiken, it looks beautiful and
the horses are really going well.
I couldn’t be more proud of
my team. They’ve conducted
themselves in such a professional
manner in a difficult situation for
all of us,” Phillip said.
“All of my sponsors and
owners have been great as well
and have all said to ‘take as
much time as you need. The
horses will always be there and
ready when you get through
this.’ I can’t thank them enough
for standing by us during this
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Did you know?
According to a 2012 US Department of Agriculture census, Pennsylvania is home to twice
the number of horses in Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey combined.
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Moment’: Dutton
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