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April 2016
Submitted 3.14.16
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Did you know?
90% of Pennsylvania Equestrian readers
have been involved with horses for 10+ years.
By Suzanne Bush
The mood in Newlin
Township, Chester County, PA
is still fraught with anger and
resentment over the Equestrian
Ordinance passed by the Board
of Supervisors in 2014. At the
March 14 meeting of the town-
ship supervisors, residents hoping
to see the ordinance rescinded
were disappointed. The super-
visors insisted that they have no
control over the process.
Newlin Township Residents
Still Hunting for Resolution
“We are working with the At-
torney General and following her
direction to find a solution to this
problem,” supervisor Bob Pear-
son said. “She is driving the boat.
We are not driving the boat.”
Newlin Township’s infa-
mous Equestrian Ordinance was
passed in October 2014. The
ordinance made distinctions
between commercial and private
equine facilities. Those facilities
deemed to be commercial became
subject to restrictions governing
how many horses they could have
on the properties. The ordinance
requires a commercial opera-
tion—that is a facility which
charges board for horses or offers
lessons—to have three acres for
the first horse and two acres for
each additional horse on the prop-
erty. Additionally, the ordinance
places restrictions on the size
and location of indoor arenas,
limits outdoor equine activities
to daylight hours and mandates
off-street parking.
Members of the Concerned
Citizens of Newlin Township,
a group formed in response to
and opposed to the Equestrian
Ordinance, were not appeased by
the assertion that the supervisors’
hands were tied.
“I’m almost insulted that you
could sit up there tonight and say
‘well, we’re just doing what the
Attorney General asked,’” Susan
Hoffman complained. “What’s
Newlin Township Supervisors Bob Pearson, Bill Kelsall and Janie
Baird listen as members of Concerned Citizens of Newlin Township
voice their frustration.
Photo credit: Suzanne Bush
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