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April 2015
North American Western
Dressage (NAWD) has created
a Youth Achievement Program
which allows youth members to
earn points and awards for com-
pleting tests. Tests include West-
ern Dressage tests (live or virtual),
NAWD Six Feet on the Ground
Tests, Western Dressage Freestyle
tests, and NAWD Western Dres-
sage Trail tests. This membership
is for youth who are under the age
of 19 (18 and younger) as of Janu-
ary first of the current year.
The program was created
in part by Linda Lee-Bower of
Woodridge Farm Equestrian
Center in Montoursville, PA. A
NAWD Professional member, she
presented the idea to NAWD and
worked with the team to create a
program for youth. "One of the
reasons that today's youth stray
from a narrow path is because
they lack a feeling of connect-
edness. What better way to help
today's young people understand
their own personal value than to
have them involved in a growing
equine sport?” she said. “NAWD
is growing so quickly that I felt
as though there could be a strong
correlation between its continued
growth and a youth program.
Young riders can have the oppor-
tunity to be a part of something
that will promote goal-setting,
self-improvement, and a solid
relationship to a community of
western dressage enthusiasts.”
Points will accumulate from
year-to-year. The number of points
awarded per test varies with the test
score. Bronze, silver and gold med-
als are awarded, and for the highest
level, an embroidered star patch.
NAWD is seeking sponsors
and supporters to help grow this
North American Western
Dressage is a non-profit organiza-
tion that offers casual, fun, and af-
fordable ways to learn about West-
ern Dressage in the form of clinics
and virtual shows. Members start
from the ground up with a "Six
Feet on the Ground" Groundwork
program, continue with Western
Dressage Tests, Western Dressage
Freestyles, and Western Dressage
Trail tests. Judges are carefully
chosen for their understanding that
Western Dressage is not dressage
in a western saddle and that the
fundamentals of good riding are
universal. NAWD embraces and
includes equine enthusiasts from
all walks of life.
"Creating opportunities for
young riders has always been a
big part of NAWD's mission. This
is just the first phase in a com-
prehensive program that we have
developed. In the next few weeks
we will also be releasing a scholas-
tic team equestrian sports program
and a scholarship program for low
income youth. It is a very exciting
time for NAWD and we are very
grateful for the hard work of the
individuals involved in the creation
of these programs,” says Jen John-
son, President of NAWD.
For more information, visit
North American
Western Dressage
Introduces Youth
135 Churchtown Road
Narvon, PA 17555
Cell: 717-629-1037
Fax: 717-768-3264
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