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April 2015
On Tuesday, April 7, at 6:30
p.m., Dr. Meagan Smith will
describe how she uses the ancient
technique of acupuncture on her
equine patients. The presenta-
tion is part of the First Tuesday
Lecture Series at Penn Vet’s New
Bolton Center, 382 West Street
Road, Kennett Square, PA.
The series offers free lectures
to the public on equine topics
the first Tuesday of each month.
Many of the lectures highlight the
advanced techniques performed by
Penn Vet’s team of leading clini-
cians and the state-of-the-art equip-
ment and facilities available to
ensure the best possible outcomes
for patients. The lectures take place
in New Bolton Center’s Alum-
ni Hall. Due to limited seating,
reservations are recommended and
can be made by contacting Barbara
Belt at
Acupuncture has been used
on both animals and humans
for thousands of years in China.
The technique of acupuncture
involves the stimulation of a spe-
cific point on the body to achieve
desired therapeutic effects.
Historically, acupuncture has
been used in veterinary medicine
to treat horses with a variety of
ailments including musculoskel-
etal pain, ophthalmic disease, re-
productive disorders, and chronic
internal organ abnormalities.
Dr. Smith’s presentation will
describe the founding principles
of this ancient technique and how
she approaches acupuncture in
her equine patients. In addition,
she will show videos of horses
undergoing treatment.
Only licensed veterinarians
are eligible to practice acupunc-
ture in most areas of the United
States. Dr. Meagan Smith received
her equine acupuncture training
at the Chi Institute in Reddick,
Florida, in 2010, and received
additional training at the Chi Insti-
tute in 2013. She uses acupuncture
as a complement to Penn Vet’s
veterinary practice methods.
Upcoming First Tuesday Lectures:
May 5:
Dr. Dean Richardson,
"Fixing Broken Horses"
June 2:
Dr. Laura Johnstone,
"Treating Cancer in Horses"
First Tuesday
Lecture: Equine
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